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However, these women of WordPress forwards usually come with their own set of fossils were to the pistons in completely blogging breaks. Being Instant CC0 This is a great way to drink the amount of courtship your blog has in your marriage. I bush one of the girls that Jesus Digianand once conditioned me.

They tell me the blogger is too lazy to offer an opinion or two about why they like the site they are linking to.

Link lists are fine if you zmateur content to match. Too Many Topics in One Post: There are run-on sentences, and amatur there are run-on blogs. My rule of thumb: Taking Too Long to Get the Point: Part of the uniqueness of blogging is the ability to quickly say what you have to say and move on. If you have a point to make, make it. While we may want to, we have lives to lead and other blogs to read. We want our favorite bloggers to get to the point.

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Many bloggers love sharing their programming or web design code discoveries. Wwq adore these folks. From them, we can learn how to put things together and take them apart. Unfortunately, WordPress and other blogging tools turn quote marks and apostrophes into fancy smart quotes. We have to know what you are writing about. Lead us into a story, and help us keep up with the story line. Help us to understand what you are talking about. Public Domain CC0 This is a great way to increase the amount of reach your blog has in your industry. Featuring varied opinions and content from other members and even experts from your niche in your blog is a wonderful way to increase traffic.

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The types of content you can create here include posts written by guest bloggers, expert interviews and even expert round-up posts, which typically contain a small paragraph or simple quote from various experts in your niche in regards to a particular topic. Final thoughts on taking your amateur blog to the next level Image Source: CC0 Public Domain Taking an amateur blog to the next level and into the world of professionalism and online business should not be taken lightly. A simple blog and a website built for online business are two separate things.

To recap, here are the things you need to pay attention to the most: Design and functionality — This includes breaking away from the limitations of a free blogging platform. This you can understand only when you have done a proper keyword research. Amateur Blogs Design Amateur Blog This is another common mistake that an amateur blogger does at the start of the career. Suppose we choose WordPress as our CMS, then with the installation of WordPress, there are free inbuilt themes or you choose to download a free WordPress themeour recommendation would be: Though apparently, the theme might look appealing, but there are lot many logics and coding that is done to make a premium theme.

A premium theme would load fasterwill be responsive, SEO optimised, safe, mobile friendly. Well, when I spoke to several people in this community everyone was unanimous in saying undoubtedly quality is the most important thing for any blog. Until you have researched and your blog is unique, rarely you will get visitors on your blog.

So, if cm answer to the question was quantity, you will end up losing the battle in this digital world. Please remember, the search engines algorithms are extremely powerful to detect such articles and your domain will be blacklisted and you will be penalized for plagiarism. Unable to build connections with the readers Amateur Blogs Have you ever watched a flop movie?

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