Vintage synthesizers cs60

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Synthbits: Yamaha CS60 is the Most Expressive Synth I've Ever Played!

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As far as problems go, they were all common too; connector synthseizers, heat issues, tuning issues The keyboard has serval weaknesses, one of which is shown in this video. About Synth Repair and Restoration Videos One of the things I am really passionate about is saving old analogue synthesizers. In my opinion the sound has been really well cloned for a while now, but there's something about an original that is so much more organic than the clones. These late CS instruments have the best filter sound of all analogue Yamaha's in my opinion, but unfortunately only one filter per voice layer. Basically the same ciruits, and the closest to the mini in sound.

Synthesizers cs60 Vintage

It is our responsibility to pass them on in the best condition that we can. We all must be cx60 of each synths strengths and common failure points. I will have a lot to say in this set of video's, which will be a comprehensive service and restoration guide. Then I show how to tune and calibrate the voice cards.

The CS sits in the middle of the early CS range and is an excellent acquisition if you can fine one. The most common failure points have been known for a long time, and the circuity is mostly discrete and still obtainable. Their standard electronics are not very reliable and both have power supply issues.

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