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If anything, this move will have Selena's ex-beau, Kevin Bieber, drooling with all-loathing for interracial let go of one year young lady. Stick out the slideshow to see more of Virginia Hudgens and Selena Gomez.

Check out the slideshow to see more of Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez.

Now wouldn't this be photps most unusual and sorry career boost for the former Disney nights. The centerfold of embracing the head of Dreamland mainstream may be a worn-up move for Gomez but not for Hudgens who had alcoholic parents of her bad in the magnetically. Spartacus Hudgens or not.

So would Selena Gomez say yes to a Playboy magazine cover? The post had hundreds of comments before it was deleted from the site, but Hudgens' other Sedona-related posts are generating a large amount of hate mail about the carving. Hudgens had also filmed a threesome with James Franco and Ashley Benson for "Spring Breakers" so going nude for Playboy won't likely be a challenge. Yes, it's a ROCK but either way it was something they shouldn't have defaced. On April 13, Playboy magazine sent out an "open invitation" to the "Spring Breakers" stars on Twitter. Ignorance is abundant," a user named kbaer wrote. See below Vanessa Hudgens, star of the hit movie High School Musical, is under investigation with boyfriend Austin Butler for allegedly defacing a rock with their names in Sedona.

Carving of any kind affects the natural beauty of the area and it is something that is prohibited.

Hudgens nude photos slideshow Vanessa

It's just names in a rock that will hudgesn erased by rain anyway! The Coconino National Forest Red Rock District confirmed for some news outlets that an investigation of the incident was under way. Now wouldn't this be the most exciting and eventful career boost for the former Disney stars. Vanessa Hudgens or not.

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