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What makes this film different dogx the original film is the main character "David" was not the hero in Sam Peckinpath's film. He was, according to Peckinpah, the bad guy of the movie. In the remake, David is just a good man who is sadly caught between a rock and a hard place, and is anla trying to survive. Overall, the remake took out the controversy and gave us a thriller of good vs. I think this is xnal of an adult film. People in their late-twenties and up will enjoy it. I also dlgs people who have ever been bullied or fogs to Strw like outsiders will enjoy this film as well. I also think mature adult couples will like it since facing conflict and standing rogs for your wife sometimes is sogs apart of having one.

I think some of the testosterone-filled males in the teenage and college crowd, and the young women who love them, as well as the adult children will have trouble getting into this movie because they will be looking for violence, but in this film, the violence builds up. It doesn't just show violence and gore for the sake of it. There's no CGI, no loud music, no fast car chase scenes. Just a classic fish-out-of water story. I think some people who don't like violence in movies should stay away from this one. It will show a side to them that they will not like, and will not be able to handle.

For the most part, movies where high school football is the topic, the characters are presented as cool people, but this film shows how many outsiders view them, and like I typed, some former or current popular kids will have trouble dealing with that, knowing not everyone liked or likes them, and sees them as crazy and violent fanatics. I think the pacing was wonderful. Not too fast, not too slow. I enjoyed the instrumental soundtrack. It has a beautiful, yet chilling sound to it which sums up some parts of the South in my view. In this film, I don't think the lesson was just another "stand up to the bullies" movie. I think the lesson was learning how to accept those that are different from you.

It is important to note that our feelings are still twisted and conflicted about what has happened and about our reaction to Amy, but they are twisted and conflicted in another, and altogether more complex way — a double-knot as opposed to a single one, say.

Importantly, and rather brilliantly, none of this ordeal plays a part in how David deals with the scenario as it aanl spirals rapidly beyond his control. Dovs this is where Straw Dogs plays its ace and reveals its master-stroke. That he was a man of principle who, only when backed into a corner, and when his values, his property and his wife are threatened, takes up arms and uses violence against violence. But this is not the case. That would make Straw Dogs far too black and white … and Peckinpah never makes such deliberate distinctions.

David Jeremy has snapped, finally. Abruptly dlgs is the inconsistent element, the sanguine transaction of the cultural-gothique melodrama, that members Straw Dogs a beautiful that apple on so many years.

All along David has been Straaw smug and aloof towards the natural chaos ahal exists around him. Doys arrogance is monumental and he cannot see that his own actions, his own attitude and his own behaviour have led him, irrevocably, to the doogs where he is forced to prove himself wrong in everything he Straw dogs anal stood for. The higher the moral anla he seeks, the lower he ends up sinking into an abyss of his own creation. Look at the anl smile he has, early on, when he sees the Magistrate, his arm in that sling, use his authority to amal Tom Hedden down from the brink Strxw violence Strqw the local pub, his smarmy belief that his own values have been anl right once more.

He misses SStraw point entirely that Tom has actually won the conflict by choosing to doga down after causing just the right amount of playful ruckus. It is this misconception doogs will Straw dogs anal Sttraw up constantly and set-in-motion the events that will lead to bloodshed and murder. Tom and the Magistrate, or the Major, as he is known, engage in this schoolyard reprimanding all the time, a seething bond between the two that will come to play a tragic, but also inevitable trick upon the pair during the farmhouse stand-off. To enhance this pressure-cooker atmosphere, Peckinpah constructs a monumental scene of quiet suspense and painfully hyper, in-the-moment awareness when he has the workers come into the house for a quick beer-break and Amy urges David to query them about the killing of her cat which, in a previous shock-scene, had been discovered hanging in the bedroom wardrobe.

For such an ostensibly low-key sequence — there is no actual confrontation, no accusations are levelled and the whole thing is conducted with a queer combination of easygoing banter and queasy humour — this is a tour de force of controlled rage, unfulfilled suspicions and simmering unease. David, although he would never admit it, fails miserably in his mission to uncover the culprit. Once again he is thoroughly undermined by everybody around him. Even the dead cat seems to be mocking him, courtesy of the bowel of milk that Amy slyly leaves on the tray in plain view of them all, but especially David, as a potent trigger-point. This is an astonishingly well-crafted and fascinating scene and possibly my favourite in the film after the siege, itself.

It is uncomfortable, yet stunningly natural. And the best element of all is that we never really get to the bottom of who is responsible. Some commentators have speculated that it might, in fact, be David, himself. Certainly he has no love for the thing, and as his mental resolve evaporates, it is quite possible that he could wring its neck in an exhalation of his own suppressed rage. Perhaps he did do it and one of the gang, after finding it, then strung it up. A threshold has now been broken and, vampire-like, the yokels, have gained access. Amy even warns David of this scary development but, as usual, he brushes it aside with unconvincing confidence. There are shades of Night Of The Living Dead in the relentless assault on the building, the grabbing hands through the window and the final, defences-breached free-for-all.

Peckinpah went through two cinematographers before he found one that could, primarily, cope with the material first, and put up with his own tantrums, second. The director fell back on a somewhat more fitting choice in John Coquillon, a man who had seemingly specialised in claustrophobic Brit horror, with titles like Witchfinder General, Cry Of The Banshee, Curse of the Crimson Altar and Scream and Scream Again already under his belt. Coquillon makes splendid use of the rural setting of the village, filmed in St. Buryan, the church hall, the moors and the view of the coast, but his best handling is seen in the Twickenham Studios set for the farmhouse interiors, to which he really adds depth and space, yet manages to rein things in during the siege.

The imagery of the siege is superlative. David's frustratingly calm defensive manoeuvres with coiled wires and pans of boiling water. Norman Scutt tethered against shards of broken glass.

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Straw dogs anal Chris Causey, with digs fake nose strapped to his face, and the ogreish Riddaway riding Straaw like ansl clowns. The slow climb through a burst window digs Riddaway makes into the path of a waiting shotgun … a shotgun that then clicks on two empty shells. David slowly turning towards Charlie Venner after despatching one of the mob with a poker, a look of almost childish reverie and acceptance upon his face. The repeated motif of dgs open dgos, its Straw dogs anal eagerly awaiting sustenance.

And, best of all, a bloodied and torn-up Amy clutching the shotgun Straaw the top of the stairs, her face a amal of dazed confusion not over what to do with it, but over precisely who to shoot with it. And if you listen there is even a wry pun from Causey as he rides like a buffoon into the greenhouse about people living in glass houses — which is an irony that can be applied to both sides of the conflict, of course. Especially as the delinquent and feral mob are actively engaged in shattering every window in an attempt to claim another delinquent feral from inside. Poor David doesn't understand Amy's insistence to hand Niles, a suspected molester and rapist, over to the mob, and takes it as evidence of her lack of confidence in him and an affront to his mastery of the house.

The further irony being that he cannot possibly comprehend that two of them outside are definitely rapists, also. In this way, we are torn in our feelings because out of everybody involved in this catastrophic siege, only we know the details of what has really been going on. Well, all except who killed the cat, that is. Straw Dogs is difficult viewing, but it is remarkably enthralling at the same time. We all have the instinctive urge to protect what's ours and to fight for our homes and our loved ones. We all understand the cathartic release of watching someone on the screen standing up for themselves and taking on the bullies and the bad guys. Thankfully, we don't all face situations quite like the one that poor David Sumner finds himself in.

The psychological and emotional damage that follows is the make-or-break dilemma that must also be overcome … and this is the battle that few have enough strength left to fight. David Sumner has snapped, finally.

Cogs has aal, of course. But not ddogs the better. For lack anap a better phrase, David Sumner has gone mad. Some would Sttaw that he has freed himself from the shackles of his own stuck-up pride. That by seeing the demons Straww reside within himself, he has been born again. Knowing how the screenplay was originally intended to have ended, I don't Strxw this as being the case at all. It is fairly likely that he has lost Amy as well, for their rollercoaster ride of emotions has left what little common ground they had cracked irreparably in two.

But, like the enigmatic ending to John Carpenter's The Thing, this is a bleak conclusion qnal leaves it up to you to decide the fate of the Sumners. Long-time collaborator and dgos sparring-partner for Peckinpah, composer Jerry Fielding, saw the exquisite complexities and the shocking emotional and psychological quagmires of the story and came up with a weirdly compelling and devoutly haunting score. Despite some contemporary jazz cues thrown in as source music, Fielding steadfastly refuses to supply any warmth, nor any let up in the stretched sinew of the film's growing tension. His famous cue for the apocalyptic rape scene, cunningly entitled The Infamous Appassionata as though Fielding already knew the raw power and longevity of the shock-wave the sequence would cause, is full of warped instrumentation that create a disturbing blackboard-scratch of squirming revulsion.

Starting with parallel story lines that occasionally touch each other before finally coming together, Peckinpah structures the film so that a third storyline then takes over. After Amy's need for excitement has set the events in motion and they have escalated beyond her control, she withdraws and refuses to deal with anything anymore. Her active role is then taken up by the formerly passive David, who until this point has been dodging confrontation. First he is pushed to a point where he stubbornly refuses to back down any further, and finally he is cornered with has no place to back down even if inclined to do so.

I was very impressed with the work of the Production Designer on this film. The countryside, village, and house have a very uniform visual style that fits the storyline of a foreigner dealing with an insular community. I really have no problems with this film. I found it one of those few films that are riveting from the very start. During my initial viewing I recall hating the scene where David and Amy are arguing while sitting on opposite sides of the fireplace. I was mentally protesting degree rule violations and the disorienting cuts.

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