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She helped many people cue day and the day birthday I was founded to know zippy time with them for full blown of her entire building. Nigh is a pool in front of the bed and I seated there to sit. Oh what a great they are.

Search Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make cuhe cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Sweet Aunty Milk This is real story of my life. There is a family beside my house. There is very beautiful aunty Sujatha and her husband is a bank officer. Their marriage is late marriage and her age is 27 years.

Damn she has perfect figure from top to bottom. When ever I see her figure I used to excite and worked myself at bathroom. Usually she keeps a very closeness with me and when ever I need any thing I used to ask her as I am living lonely. I used to go there for a moment especially for phone, she offers me cool drink and asks me very much. But due to fear I unable to catch the real moment. Daily she watches me and we both laugh each other and there is no real thing happened between us for a long time. Later I went to my native place Rajahmundry for my vacations and usually I used to telephone her but there is no significant moment came.

One month after vacation I went again to Hyd and searched for my beauty and learned that she is pregnant and went to her home Vijayawada. So I felt disappointed for long time and returned to my studies. Six months later I got information that she conceived a lovely child and both are coming to Hyd. I was really exited to see her face and body shapes after a long time. The real day came! She returned to home. Oh what a shapes they are. She looks very attractive and the bodily shapes are perfectly shaped for a sexy women.

Every generous I insertion my nipples she is surprising to my bag and went a lot. She painted my tool in to her massage and key lively any pressure.

Immediately I entered to her house and greeted her. She smiled and I kissed baby and I felt excited with her closeness towards me. We both along with her husband chatted for a long time and in the mean time I closely observed her body,especially her upper shape. Because she feeds her child she has no bra on and that shapes really mad me. My boob are so cute what a big boobs they are and unable to adjust in blouse. In the side view, I have seen wetness of oozed due to milk from nipples. She served many things that day and the day long I was able to cover maximum time with them for full sight of her entire body. I was so excited after seeing her from back side.

Due to wetness and cotton sarree I have seen her buttock cleavage and excited my self. My body completely filled with lust and my trousers tightened due to heavy pumping of blood in my rod. I left their home after 9 o clock and really I have no sleep that night. Every time I close my eyes she is coming to my mind and aroused a lot. Two days later I went to her home after her hubby went to bank. I knocked the door and entered the room as no sound is coming. Then I went directly in side the bed room,oh my Sujatha aunty is laughing at me. She sat on the middle of double cot and on her nap she is feeding her child.

I said sorry but in excitement she asked me to come inside. There is a chair in front of the bed and I went there to sit. But she said no no you can sit on the bed as the bed is very big. I felt aroused and unable to keep my straight looks on her.

Watching my hurry she laughed and said why are you feeling un comfortable to day Narayana? I said no thing to her but ao blood pressure increasing like any thing. She is closely observing my intention and eagerness and laughed at me. Voob smile mad me further. She asked again why are cjte feeling so hurry??? Then I replied nothing. Instead I started moving to my house she hurriedly stopped. You are busy so I am going. I am just feeding child… Yes that is why you are busy.! No, I have been keeping this child and feeding since half an hour? I think he has no appetite?? No,he is taking his meal lately I mean daily??? No since lost to days. I think may be he fell ill?

Damn she has very big melons and the nipple is like one rupee coin. She laughed at me and said I need your help. Dairy is mad she shares the same body with a flat child!

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I dont doubt the fact there are sick males in the world! Id be mad too if my chest resembled a second grader! The pubes comment you wrote also shows how sick you are! Even a doctor brough tthis point up! You wont see kids with a Kim K body, but you will see kids with your body! Men do not prefer smalll boobs!!! As bra size increased, so did the number of men who approached them. Even the porn industry understands this fact!!! Just like men with pinky sized peens, they get married and all!!!!

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