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One for the Boys: Male breast Cancer Incidence, Mortality and Survival Rates

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Family members with breast cancer or a breast cancer gene Men who have female relatives with breast cancer have an increased risk of breast cancer, especially if the women are close relatives mother or sisters.

The risk also increases if the women were diagnosed at a young age below Men, as well as women, can inherit faulty genes that increase the risk of breast cancer. In men, this might be more Msn. Find out about inherited genes and cancer Symptoms of male breast cancer The most common symptom for men with breast cancer is a lump in the breast area. This is nearly always painless. Other symptoms can include: So … come on guys! Men often feel the stigma of being diagnosed with what is a predominantly female disease. Yes, especially with the pink ribbons and wealth of information about breast cancer geared at women. This is in comparison to a whoppingAmerican women estimated to be diagnosed with breast cancer in Indeed, breast cancer is around times less common in men than in women.

Cancer breast diagnosed Men with

The American Cancer Society predicts that the lifetime risk for breast cancer in males is around 1 in 1, Because of the relative rarity of male breast cancer, medical studies and statistics are of small samples. There is, obviously, nowhere near the amount of research studies and information for male breast cancer as there is for female breast cancer. However, it is known that incidence rates of male breast cancer were on the increase between the years of and One medical study used the SEER database to examine male breast cancer incidence rates.

Indeed, between and male breast cancer increased from 0. However, according to the breast cancer. To get some perspective, the risk of dying from motorbike racing is around 1 in 1, The same type of odds as the average American male being diagnosed with breast cancer. Survival Rates for Male Breast Cancer For reasons not fully understood yet, male breast cancer patients have a poorer outcome compared with female patients when matched with stage at diagnosis. This type of biopsy can usually indicate whether the cancer has started to spread from the breast into the surrounding area.

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During a core biopsy, a local anaesthetic will be used to numb your breast. A hollow needle will then be used to remove a number of small tissue samples from the breast lump. If cancer is found, it's also possible to check whether there are special proteins, known as oestrogen receptors, on the surface of the cancerous cells. See treating breast cancer in men for more information Staging After breast cancer has been diagnosed, your care team should provide information about the stage of the cancer. Staging is a system used to describe how far a cancer has spread at the point of diagnosis. A cure may be possible if breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage. However, treatment can only be used to control symptoms and slow the spread of the cancer if it's diagnosed at a later stage.

In some cases, men are diagnosed with a type of breast cancer called ductal carcinoma in situ DCIS. This means there are cancer cells in the breast, but they're contained within the breast ducts and can't spread. If left untreated, DCIS can lead to invasive breast cancer over a period of time. Coping with a diagnosis Being told you have breast cancer can cause a wide range of emotions, such as shock, fear, confusion and, in some cases, embarrassment.

Most people assume breast cancer only affects women, so it Meen be difficult to come to terms with the diagnosis. Feelings of isolation and being alone are common in men with breast cancer. Sometimes men who find themselves in this situation can become depressed. If you think you may be diagnosex, visit your GP. There are a range of effective treatments, such as medication and counselling, wiht can help relieve feelings of depression. You may also find it useful to talk to other men affected by the condition. Breast Cancer Care is a breast cancer charity that provides an online forum for men diagnosed Mrn breast cancer.

Treating breast cancer in men Diwgnosed for breast cancer in men largely depends on how far the cancer has spread. Most hospitals use multidisciplinary teams MDTs to treat men with breast cancer. Deciding which treatment is best for you can often be confusing. Your cancer team will recommend what they think is the ideal treatment option, but the final decision will be yours. Before visiting hospital to discuss your treatment options, you may find it useful to write a list of questions you'd like to ask the specialist. Your treatment plan Your recommended treatment plan depends on how far the cancer has spread.

If the cancer hasn't spread significantly beyond your breast, a complete cure may be possible. In these cases, surgery to remove the affected breast is usually recommended. This is often followed by radiotherapyhormone therapy, or chemotherapy to help prevent the cancer returning. If the cancer has spread beyond your breast into other parts of your body, such as your lungs, a complete cure won't be possible. However, hormone therapy and chemotherapy can be used to relieve symptoms and slow down the spread of the cancer.

More information about these treatments can be found below. Surgery An operation called a mastectomy is usually recommended as the first treatment for breast cancer. The accumulating cells form a tumor that may spread metastasize to nearby tissue, to the lymph nodes or to other parts of the body. Where breast cancer begins in men Everyone is born with a small amount of breast tissue. Breast tissue consists of milk-producing glands lobulesducts that carry milk to the nipples, and fat. During puberty, women begin developing more breast tissue, and men do not.

But because men are born with a small amount of breast tissue, they can develop breast cancer. Types of breast cancer diagnosed in men include: Cancer that begins in the milk ducts ductal carcinoma. Nearly all male breast cancer is ductal carcinoma. Cancer that begins in the milk-producing glands lobular carcinoma. This type is rare in men because they have few lobules in their breast tissue.

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