Men being fisted

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You will want to just sit with it, be with it, figure out this feeling so unlike anything else. You will feel impossibly close to your partner and vulnerable and raw.

Being fisted Men

Just the intimacy benig trust of being that full, riding on the sensations so different from anything else, is incredible. It can feel like being high, post-verbal and disassociative. Afterwards you feel tired, and relaxed, and totally satiated. You want cuddles and ice cream and to fall asleep. Fisting is admittedly not a sex act many people will engage in during their lifetime — either due to lack of interest, or being physically incapable. Some guys can take a fist in their first attempt. Others will never be able to take a fist… An experienced fister will be able to tell you if you have talent to get fisted.

Two things have to happen to be fister to take a fist. First of all, the muscle of your anus has to be stretched. What is the best way to open my anus so I can take a fist? Your anus is a muscle.

Original yourself an ample douche before asking accompanied If you are trendy to get laid, tonight sure that you have jotted out your tv properly beforehand. The most common way to interracial the anus is by hitting dildos or found vapors.

Like other muscles in your body, you can do exercises to make it larger. The most common way to stretch the anus is by inserting dildos or butt plugs. But this is always in the direction your body is not used to. My advise it to use an inflatable butt plug. For sale at any gay sex shop. Insert it with a lot of water based lube. When it is completely inserted, pump it slightly.

Now pull it out, like when you poop. This way you stretch the anus in the natural Meb. Just repeat this until your anus tells you it needs beung rest. Just play with your ass every time you feel horny and you will be surprised how quickly you beong be able to fieted the plug bigger and bigger. It is also a great MMen to leave the plug in your ass for a longer time. Avoid using oils or grease including vegetable shortening, such as Criscosince those will damage any latex gloves and condoms that neing your anus up to a full day after you have been fisted. What if you prefer veing lubes? Those are made other materials, such as polyurethane or polyisoprene, instead of latex.

The risk of contracting HIV and Hepatitis during fisting No matter how careful you are, fisting will always cause tiny wounds in the anus and rectum. Not only the bottom, but especially also the top runs a risk during fisting. There can be tiny, invisible cuts or damaged skin under your nails where STIs can enter. Always wear gloves when fisting. Never use the same glove to fist different men. Use new, clean gloves with each new partner. Wash your hands and your lower arms thoroughly with soap and water to remove any dirt and oil-based lube.

Use a separate jar or bottle of lube for each sex partner and never share those. Have your HIV doctor check to make sure you are still properly protected. Using drugs during fisting Fisting is one of the sexual techniques that are often combined with drug use. Men take drugs to relax, to become sexually greedier or to suppress signs of pain. Some men cannot be fisted without using drugs. Drugs intoxicate you, which means you will be less conscious of pain signals. Drugs can also make it more difficult to communicate with your sex partners. That means that there is a much greater chance that you will go beyond your limits and take major risks without being aware of doing that.

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