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Orgasm Semen - a mixture of sperm ortasm percent and fluid 95 percent - is forced into the urethra by a series of contractions in the pelvic floor muscles, prostate orgam, seminal vesicles, and the vas deferens. Contractions in the wojen floor muscles and prostate gland also cause the semen to be forced out of the penis in a process called ejaculation. The average male orgasm lasts for seconds. Resolution The man now enters a temporary recovery phase where further orgasms are not possible. This is known as the refractory period, and its length varies from person to person.

It can last from a few minutes to a few days, and this period generally grows longer as the man ages. During this phase, the man's penis and testicles return to their original size.

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The rate of breathing will be heavy and eomen, and the pulse will be fast. Causes It is commonly held that orgasms are a sexual experience, Itense experienced as part of a sexual response cycle. They often occur following the continual stimulation of erogenous zones, such as the genitals, anus, orggasm, and perineum. Physiologically, orgasms lrgasm following two basic responses to continual stimulation: There have been other reports of people experiencing orgasmic sensations at the onset of epileptic medicine, and foot amputees feeling orgasms in the space where their foot once was.

People paralyzed from the waist down have also been able to have orgasms, suggesting that it is the central nervous system rather than the genitals that is key to experiencing orgasms. Disorders A number of disorders are associated with orgasms; they can lead to distress, frustration, and feelings of shame, both for the person experiencing the symptoms and their partner s. Although orgasms are considered to be the same in all genders, healthcare professionals tend to describe orgasm disorders in gendered terms. Female orgasmic disorders Female orgasmic disorders center around the absence or significant delay of orgasm following sufficient stimulation.

The absence of having orgasms is also referred to as anorgasmia.

This term can be divided into primary anorgasmia, when a woman has never experienced an orgasm, and secondary anorgasmia, when a woman who previously experienced orgasms no longer can. The condition can be limited to certain situations or can generally occur. Fear of arousing repressed sadness: For many women, feelings of sadness related to emotional pain in childhood surface during a sexual experience, especially when sexuality is combined with emotional intimacy. For women who were mistreated or rejected early in life and feel unlovable, the contrast of being loved, pleasured, and sexually fulfilled brings out deep and painful emotional responses.

When women try to hold back their sad feelings, they become cut off from themselves, both emotionally and physically, and removed from the sexual interaction. They experience a heightened awareness of themselves and the value of their lives. Paradoxically, these uniquely positive feelings come with a price—the special appreciation of life makes them aware of deep and painful sadness that their lives are terminal. Fear of being vulnerable: Combining sex and love leads to a sense of vulnerability and is anxiety provoking because many women and men are afraid of being completely committed to a significant other, especially if they have been previously hurt emotionally.

Fear of arousing repressed memories of abuse and trauma: Being close sexually to a partner and freely experiencing orgasm tend to trigger unwanted memories in women whose histories include sexual abuse or molestation. Any similarity between her partner and the family member increases the probability that these memories will emerge. Fear of loss of control: Women who rely heavily upon maintaining control as a self-protective defense mechanism are prone to be resistive to a freely expressive sexual encounter. Or calling off the fall as one went hurtling off a cliff?

While appealing in theory, LBL isn't sure how this would work in reality. WebMD reports "I had the orhasm phenomena womn to me last year. Now I do not experience the symptom anymore but my curiosity is still not sated. I first realized I was having painful orgasms when I awoke from a dream having an orgasm that was quickly infiltrated by a painful painful sic cramping sensation in my pelvic region. Most of her dreams are about getting lost.

Women Intense orgasm for

Then she wakes up and goes about her day, getting lost. She has to do something to improve her dreams. Louboutin told British newspaper The Sunday Times that high heels and orgasms have a lot in common. She invites readers to share their own experiences. Word to those of you who don't have orgasms or who have pain with orgasm, or who have any number of disturbing, unsavory associations with orgasm: Just get yourself a box of chocolates, a pair of really high heels, and a dildo. Throw the dildo out the window. If the shoes bother you, throw them out the window, as well. Just don't toss the chocolate.

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