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Over the better part of a month we pulled together a collection of vintage watches that would check the following boxes: So, the question then becomes: Without further ado, here waych 10 of my favorite watches currently available in-store and online at CoolVintageWatches. We have to warn you though, these things can be addictive, and affordable vintage chronos are the gateway drug. The store has opened a new phase of business for John — he is doing a surprising amount of business from walk-ins, whether from people coming in to sell a vintage watch or people looking to buy a watch for themselves or as a gift. Almost nothing else has what it takes to be the perfect watch for everyday life.

But the watches are the main reason we care about the store.

Vintage watch Cool

Very, very reasonable, in some cases. Taking the risk to open a physical vintage watch shop may not seem like a sound business concept, vintaage to management consultants, but it has worked out surprisingly well and, quite frankly, has been a lot of fun for John certainly more fun than sitting behind a computer screen and mailing watches to faceless buyers. Buying a vintage watch is scary, especially the first one. I visited the store last year and it has a great man-cave quality to it.

Tudor Prince Oysterdate Ref. He has worked to create a work and shopping vintae that is welcoming and pleasant. One of the most versatile watches in the collection. This LeJour Chronograph, like the fabled Rolex Daytona, is powered by a Valjoux drivetrain, a caliberthat is a accurate as it is reliable.

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