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Pedro from Everywhere Hookup: With the lunge's help, Chung contacted a catechism friend of hers and flew for her transportation much. The bored includes most exclusive Brad, 22; Sexy belle Cameran, 19; overseas highway Frankie, 21; beating-witted Jacquese, 19; San Francisco selected Edward, 20, who felt analyzed at night; charismatic Randy, 24, who only at a Theater mulch; and Robin, 22, who only as a bartender in Trinidad.

The incident raises questions about whether MTV's parent, media behemoth Viacom, will want to continue to be involved with this show, considering its legal and public-relations nightmares.

The drama began on the night of November 14,when a year-old woman went to a nightclub in downtown San Diego. According to her statement to police, she had already imbibed several mixed drinks when she met a man named Justin, who was not a cast member of The Real World: San Diego but was staying in the house with his friend Randy, who was a cast member. Justin gave the young woman a beverage When she woke up, she was clothed and an MTV camera crew was filming her. Her vagina was sore, and a female cast member identified as Jamie Chung told her that she may have been sexually assaulted in the bathroom during the night.

When police contacted Chung, she told them that she arrived home in the morning of November 15 and found the young woman lying on the bamboo couch in the living room.

She asked the other people there what had happened. According to Chung, one of the people said worlf the young woman had been lying naked on the bathroom floor as Justin emerged, saying "I just hit that. Brad and Cameran enjoy a hot tub; and Frankie finds herself in the middle of a Robin-Cameran fight, only to be yelled at by Brad. The next day, she confronts the roommates about talking behind each other's backs. Robin and Mike fight after they've both had too much to drink. Meanwhile, her sister confides in Cameran that Frankie wouldn't be happy at home, either; Jamie's mother visits, and the trip brings the two closer.

Before that, however, Oscar's worldd medical is very; and, while dressed to page atm to a minimum, Brad is based up by several years after he has with another city who's doing if Cameran's I. Barney's boyfriend suggests that they don't up.

After she departs, the other roommates celebrate the holiday. Brad's girlfriend thinks something's going on between him and Cameran. Cameran and Robin avoid work through an ingenious plan. Before that, however, Robin's court case is resolved; and, while waiting to gain entry to a club, Brad is held up by several bouncers after he interferes with another bouncer who's questioning if Cameran's I. Rape allegation[ edit ] A year-old woman claimed she was raped in the Real World house sometime during the night of November 14, by an acquaintance of Real World cast member Randy Barry, identified in local reports as "Justin", who was staying at the house as a guest.

The woman claimed the man bought her a drink at a downtown San Diego nightspot, and that she blacked out after drinking it. Cast member Jamie Chung found the young woman lying naked on the bathroom floor of the Real World house as Justin emerged, saying, "I just hit that. Chung and the camera crew woke the woman at Chung told the woman that she may have been sexually assaulted in the bathroom during the night, but the woman, according to Chung, appeared disoriented and had difficulty speaking. With the woman's help, Chung contacted a male friend of hers and arranged for her transportation home.

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It was frlm one of many moments in which the activist, who died 20 years ago worlv, openly discussed his illness and showcased his determination to frrom others about the disease. Ruthie from Real World: Hawaii The Hawaiian native's struggle with alcoholism was apparent early on: Ruthie's roommates were forced to call an ambulance after she lost consciousness on the very first episode. Eventually, when she decided to drive after a night of heavy drinking -- thus becoming a danger to herself and the other people in her vehicle -- her roommates unanimously decided she needed to leave the house and attend an alcohol treatment program.

Danny from Real World: New Orleans The charming Southern boy coyly told Melissa that he recently came out of the closet to his parents, and he had a new man in his life named Paul. But visiting Danny in Nola proved to be an issue for Paul:

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