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She is taken to the emergency room, where it is later discovered she suffered severe strains on her right hand.

Breaks Auto thumb

Defendant, driving a company truck with safety lights on the top of the cab, inexplicably does a U-turn through an emergency cut-through and pulls directly into the path of Plaintiff's motorcycle. Suddenly, defendant's foot pound ladder falls, striking the plaintiff's hand. This is national data over the last ten years. This diagnosis is followed by therapy and orthopedic surgery. But his worst injury might have been a comminuted fracture of the left elbow and comminuted left thumb metacarpal fracture requiring hardware and pins.

Clearly, it depends on thunb type of injury. He brings a suit against the other driver, alleging negligence in the operation of his vehicle and the failure to yield the right of way. Because oncoming traffic prevents any chance of avoidance, the plaintiff collides with the container, fracturing his hand. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

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While walking towards the bus, the woman and the witness both fall again. Plaintiff is employed by defendant who is a contractor. We put this in because it is an interesting case.

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