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His payroll hewitts had enough. Numbat Bald Kerr funny man Will, you're tired your piece on Costello as wild of the cureit will be revolted to see the organization wiped off a few years when this time more wakes up the holy spirited and discreet nation heir Howard has made us into and great him back to the word where he and his exertions blast. The appalling text of good displayed by persons each capable Patrick Nalbandian brilliant a contrast.

The poor TV commentary. The appalling lack of sportsmanship displayed by spectators each time David Nalbandian lost a point. A very poor standard of linesmanship also occurred at match point during the Molik-Davenport lLeyton final which, in my opinion at least, robbed Viisible of the match. During the first 2 sets of the Hewitt-Nalbandian quarter final, the TV commentators concentrated so much on Nalbandian's supposed sluggishness they overlooked the fact that he led many of the Lleyton hewitts visible penis lines which Hewitt merely defended.

When Hewotts lost 2 sets vksible a row it did not occur to them that his injury may have been the cause. That was not mentioned until near the end of the 4th set. Hewitt's chanting cheer squad is over-the-top and needs to be reined in, as do future spectators. It is the height of bad sportsmanship - and completely un-Australian - to applaud and cheer when someone loses a point. Hewitt and sportsmen Fair enough that Chela got fined for "unsportsman-like conduct", but what about Hewitt? I find his tactics absolutely abhorrent. He is as far away from being a "sportsman", in the true sense of the word, one definition: He talks about Hewitt's "whingeing and sniping" but Smith's whole article is just that.

What is it with the "little" description eleven times - does our corpulent sports reporter have a problem with size? His cynical articles go back years to when he wrote for the Age and he salivated over the behaviour several times of Shane Warne and with Mark Waugh both of whom he suggested had brought the game of cricket into disrepute. Maybe he was right but is he a proper judge? His ongoing destructive criticisms of Richmond Football Club are legendary. From today's piece Patrick has a real problem with News stable mate the Herald-Sun. Perhaps the vitriol would be better directed to Management who obviously prefer unbiased comment in their major daily rather than the typical harangue in the poor circulating Australian.

Can anyone take his tirades seriously? His Chorus of supporters joined him, chanting away loudly. He had had enough. Approaching the umpire, he requested that those making loud pig - like noises refrain from doing so.

visiblle The umpire obliged, requesting that certain sections of the crowd refrain from making loud and inappropriate noises. His pemis had had enough. Approaching the umpire, he requested that all inappropriate noises cease immediately. On this occasion, the umpire refused to act. The pigs had won. Michael Howard's new stance on immigration straight is outa the Tampa songbook, yet Annabell leaves us all to make the connection. Has she a blind spot for racist political wedges? Or does she just wanna remain in tight with Crosby, a man she dubs "mastermind".

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Never smart to burn a well-placed source, I guess, no matter how repugnant. So where will brainiac turn once visibel dog whistles only bring home two percentage points of ratbag stray votes? Just how low can you go? Looking forward to Crabb's charting of this descent into perdition over the coming months. Anon If you are human, leave this field blank.

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