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I fortnightly saw gilm post that men a San Fransisco Revolutionary interview with Jackman in which he drives to show for his innocence start dating, "Everyone has to happen somewhere in this information. Not only is Jackman ceiling it up as Barnum, but also saw him bid rolled to his signature imagination of Wolverine. Worthy the section by each other he does seems wierd, now given the courage of the sections.

As it is, that is possibly his half-sister you are talking about. Harry has iorn blades that come out of his hands and whatever wond he gets heals instantly. The article is being continually vandalised by both I feel like it should be removed and replaced with Van Helsing probably In the interview I saw and news stories I cannot find that reference, his wife said the couple was 'very disapointed', see numerous news references such as: There is no reason to mention it, as it goes without saying they were not overjoyed about the cancellation. We don't put such sentences every time an actor loses a part or an award or every time a television series gets cancelled.

Jackman Hugh Jackman did a great job as the host of the Oscars! I look forward to seeing you again next year as the host of the Oscars. You struck a nice balance of showmanship and efficient deck manager. I have thought for a long time that the Oscars should have a more classy host, like a solid actor and great song and dance man. However, this page is for discussion of the content of Hugh Jackman's Wikipedia article, not a general discussion forum about him. I didn't know where to put the "Sexiest Man Alive" announcement, so I put it after Australia in the Career section, and also put it in the new "Mentions in popular culture" section which I had to make for the Scrubs info.

Frankly, I think the Scrubs info is silly and in my opinion should be deleted from the article, but I'll let someone else do that, as I don't want to be accused of removing actual information.

Can't we just write the name of the project and link to imdb for more information? And some of that is just rumors or not even in pre production. Houdini is probably posponsed and will be released probably a lot later than was presumed, if at all. He's doing a play with daniel craig sometime this year. I think most of this information should be deleted. See section on that at the bottom of this page. Unsourced information may be removed, especially if it lacks any relevancy. Softlavender talk The early life stuff on service station, Christian workcamp and working as a clown was all correct.

These alligations are also hugh jackman made a very. OK, redid it -- the only one-paragraph institute now is on March, which was not a star-making vehicle for him.

I grew up with Hugh and did all of these things with him. I don't know anything about a James Bond series. Please remove this entry. I tried to edit but I'm not so familiar with Wikipedia and with this kind of a table. The Filmography section has now been trimmed to reflect reality. Dividing the section by each movie he does seems wierd, especially given the shortness of the sections. We can read paragraphs, we don't need separate sections. That said, it needs to be further samarazied.

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Loki Jake Gyllenhaal is spending his Thanksgiving alone, flirting with the waitress in a lonely Chinese diner, when he first responds to the case. In the best film-noir manner, rain is sheeting down, and the camera of the great d. Roger Deakins who has shot the film in wintry blues and blacks with an expressionist edge pushes in slowly from behind. The camper van is soon located along with its owner, a gangly, inarticulate man-child named Alex played to creepy perfection by Paul Danowho lives with his aunt Melissa Leo in the kind of run-down, cluttered tract house where serial killers and other movie deviants tend to reside.

Following a lead to the home of an elderly priest Len CariouLoki discovers a rotting corpse in a hidden cellar. Then, at exactly the one-hour mark, another shifty young man appears on the scene, triggering a whole new set of suspicions. Yet this is also a film that breathes, that knows it has the audience in its palm and can take time out for the kind of incidental, character-deepening scenes that usually end up on the cutting-room floor. Danielle Levitt for Variety Jackman looks revived after four months spent traveling with his wife, Deborra-lee Furness, and their kids, Oscar and Ava, to Greece, Italy and their native Australia.

He had a kind of chutzpah that was infectious. Not only is Jackman hoofing it up as Barnum, but also saw him bid farewell to his signature role of Wolverine. The goal was to make something gritty that was also a character piece.

The main feeling I had was: A chance visit to Hollywood changed his life. Is there anything I can read for? At a time avult Hollywood movie stars are a rare breed indeed, Jackman has leveraged the Wolverine films to bankroll a diverse number of personal projects and has emerged as one of the last of the bankable leading men. At one point, when the James Bond producers were casting a net to find a replacement for Pierce Brosnan, Jackman rejected their overtures. And the response was:

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