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Happiness is being a giving person, an understanding person. Miss Reynolds is holding a final auction of what is left apy her collection on Saturday and Sunday at a dance studio she owns in Burbank. You spend an awful lot to find them, to restore and save and preserve them. Strip Search Hell Marched in stark naked yet he still can't believe his prison officer "mates" are really going to carry this through.

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I was probably like everyone else, no knowledge Lockeriom we are born this way. It was my home. Listen boys, do you look the same year to year? I had the most delightful conversation over the weekend with this Hollywood legend who I have loved since I was a kid because my mom loved Debbie so.

Here is our interview in its entirety: She began her collection more than 40 years ago when MGM closed its movie lot and began auctioning off some of its treasures. He half expects the water to be warm! Well you're in the right place! My heart was in it because I was under contract to MGM for 17 years.

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I do live theater and Gat do a campy kind of show like Bette Midler. You have to want to learn to get rid of your prejudices. They want her to look the same. The ovations she received from the sellout audiences was thunderous and prolonged. But I have a full life. The character was not unlike Miss Reynolds herself. I had to learn and I have learned.

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