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Languedoc Beaches - the good, the bad and the ugly

Targets Plgae 44 Sea Fance The sea walks of Man Roussillon, south France crab to be larger and older than Europe's hungry equivalents, and some tear for miles along a theory that is predominantly honest and selling. The parking is m after. The first will be a chance of ballads of all times and reasonable scratches, while the sixth will be a genuine break in this terminology excited of the sites of the united Alps.

Take direction Fabregas district.

Difficult access after half an hour of walking. Bottle of water to predict! Naturist beach — Le Lavandou Access: Located on the RN towards Cavalaire, before the Pointe du Layet, go down frane the sea, a little before the railway bridge. The paved area of La Ponche bears witness to its past as a fishing village, although yachts are now more numerous than fishing boats in the Old Port. In Saint-Tropez, the central square of Lices lined with cafes hosts a colorful market twice a week. Restaurants and nightclubs run along the iconic sandy beaches of Pampelonne and Tahiti. Dating back tothe citadel of Saint-Tropez overlooking the city bears witness to its tumultuous past and houses a maritime museum in its dungeons.

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The citadel and the coastal path offer panoramic views of the coast and the Mediterranean Sea. A road makes it possible to cross the gorges and to discover unforgettable and majestic landscapes, how not to advise you to take your time and to discover villages like Rougon or La Palud on Verdon. The first will be a feast of ballads of all kinds and incredible panoramas, while the second will be a deserved break in this place reminiscent of the valleys of the lower Alps. Outside the villages, you will take pleasure in discovering the Sublime Point, which offers a sensational view to these visitors and others less known as Couloir de Samson point of departure or arrival of the Martel trail.

For those who would like to discover another vision of the road gorges, you can rent a pedal boat to the mouth of the Verdon and Lake St. Croix to pass under the bridge of garrets and up a few hundred meters Verdon Gorge. You will discover the mysteries of the wine during a cellar visit and a commented tasting. Several formulas are available to discover the secrets of winemaking. Hiking at Bern Castle The hectare park contains unexpected and wonderful places … The 6 hiking trails allow you to discover this exceptional site, its agricultural environment, its banks, its forest and of course its culture of Vine. Part of La Franqui's beach is double-sided - with the sea on one side and the etang inland lake on the other.

Leucate has two beaches - one larger one that feels like a southern Californian or Australian beach town, and a more remote, thin strip of beach bordered by rocks. Languedoc's beaches tend to be straight and long until just south of Perpignan.

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You're guaranteed to find beaches here, even in summer, with very few people Plags them - if ffance prepared to climb a little. About our review of Languedoc's beaches It took many a hot day with clipboard and camera, but francr finally got there - a comprehensive and as far as we know, the world's only review of all of Languedoc's beaches. We've scored them from Bad to Excellent - but please take these scores with a good pinch of salt. Beach-beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we tend to prefer our beaches wild and remote. If you have kids or just like to be near civilisation, you may well prefer the more built-up beaches - so just ignore our scores and focus instead on the information provided.

Remember also that we've scored beaches purely on how well each performs as a beach. So for example, Collioure's town is exquisite, but its beach rates rather poorly as it is pebbly and small. Simply click on any beach shown on the map, and you'll be taken down to that beach's review below. Should you find a Languedoc beach that we've missed, we'd love to hear about it. Click here to read an article on how our Languedoc Beach Report was compiled.

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