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Most frame measurements are based on the seat tube. A lugged steel frame equipped with quality components is likely to be one of the best riding experiences you can have. Collectible Vintage Bicycles Vintage bicycles are increasingly drawing attention of forward thinking investors because not only they do not lose their value over time, but simply increase in value year upon year. Our team is also available to help and advise you.

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The frame has to be free from cracks, dents and rust. Nevertheless, when buying a classic bicycle, there are a few features to consider: Steel Vintage Bikes have been sourcing and inspecting collectible bikes from the most legendary brands since their inception. Thanks to a collaboration with the best couriers and packaging methods, we are able to ship insured and worldwide to your door step. Paintwork and decals preferably original.

Campagnolo and in later years, Shimano, offered the finest bicycle components of the era. When looking at the Steel Vintage Bikes online shop, you are in the right place to find your dream classic bicycle. With steel frames, the best manufactures mainly used Columbus or Reynolds tubing.

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