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Knox from Fullmetal Deacon. Coctor was at the last era in bathtub where a practicing selling could get a romantic without going to global exchange.

Lancelot Sprat in the "Doctor in the House" series of films is overbearing with students and directly tells patients that examinations and diagnoses have nothing to do with them. But when students are in trouble, he will provide help for them, either directly, and behind the scenes. Dean Walcott of Patch Adams supposedly is trying to train doctors to be capable of taking in the bitterness of dealing with people who may die under their care and not fall to pieces over it, but in reality he and pretty much every other doctor that appears on screen other than Patch and his friends are Straw Vulcan versions of this, doing such inhumane things as flatly telling a patient that they have a few months to live and walk away without saying another word or only refer to them through their file number or their sickness and or through whichever humiliating treatments such as amputation they may have been discussing to apply while the patient is standing right next to them.

The titular character starts as one. He is a brilliant neurosurgeon, but he is arrogant, prideful and would refuse to look into untreatable cases that could adversely effect his career. It all ends with a car accident that cripples his hands. He once wanted to do everything in his power as a doctor, but after an Emergency Transformation he found that his extensive cybernetics ate his futureso he dropped out of medicine and became a pilot hoping to get back at those who had hurt him. Assigned as squadron medic, he had no bedside manner and snarked a lot - once his commander told him to "see our doctor" after an injury, and Phanan said "I'm far too important a doctor to see such a lowly person as myself" — but he was a very sympathetic character, all told.

Especially in The Reveal of his tragic past. And his subsequent death, which includes pushing Face off Phanan's path. His deep cynicism comes, paradoxically, from the fact he seems to be the only doctor in Ankh-Morpork who cares if his patients get better, since the fee gets covered either way. Living under the regime of Lord Winder doesn't help; he's had to treat people questioned by the Cable Street Particularsand when Vimes takes a CSP officer to have a broken arm treated, Lawn offers instead to point out some sensitive places Vimes could kick him.

He's mellowed out noticeably when he appears in Going Postalprobably at least partly because he's in charge of a large and well-equipped hospital offering free medical care to the indigent, funded by a very generous endowment from the Duke of Ankh. According to Lawn, the Discworld version of Hippocrates is most famous for the quote "Am I going to get paid for this? O'Mara, the chief psychologist at Sector Generalis bad-tempered, cutting, and sarcastic to pretty much everyone he meets Jerk behavior is therefore sort of reassuring to the rest of the hospital staff, because they know that when he drops it, they're in serious trouble.

Jayfeather, a ThunderClan medicine cat from Warrior Catswho even at one point proclaims, "I'm a medicine cat. If you want sympathy, go to the nursery. Hyrek from the Paradox Trilogy is a xith'cal who serves as a doctor on a human ship and is generally disdainful toward Devi, the protagonist. Mostly because she keeps getting hurt. Calvar Syn in Legend by David Gemmell. Kedrigern is a magical equivalent - an expert on counterspells. He has a reason for being grumpy - he hates travelling, and can't use magic to change into a falcon because he will need it to actually cure his patients. Gregory House is the poster boy for this trope — or maybe even the exaggerated version.

Lady doctor of Asshole

This is the type of man who, if you saw him shambling up the corridor, you would duck into an elevator to off. He makes no bones about being a sadistic, misanthropic, antisocial freak who maintains employment only because he happens to be smarter doctog everyone else, as well AAsshole Asshole of lady doctor over-qualified Asshkle an education diagnostician. He could probably work Asshope the CIA, ladh in fact, in one episode he did — while taunting all the G-Men and constantly threatening to blow their cover. He has effectively blackballed himself in medical circles, but House doesn't mind, because it gives him carte blanche to rule over a Princeton teaching hospital albeit at a sharply reduced pay rate.

In fact, pretty much the only reason he even still has a job, despite being an utter jackass, is that he's a damn good doctor. Would you rather a doctor who holds your son's hand while he dies, or ignores him as he gets better? House has an excellent female version of this with "Cut Throat Bitch" Amber, who didn't make the final cut on House's team Apparition Amber was even meaner than the genuine article! In fact, starting in season 2, it becomes a running theme in the series that any doctor who spends too much time in House's orbit eventually becomes this.

Foreman's character arc involves trying to overcome his own House-like tendencies, to varying degrees of success: Now, the only administrator who'll touch you is the one who hired House Classic. The handsome and rugged Ben Casey, from the groundbreaking Medical Drama of same name. Though a brilliant neurosurgeon, Dr. Casey was arrogant and impatient, often arguing and throwing insults at his colleagues. The series was a smash hit fromand Vincent Edwards' portrayal of the surly doc won women over by the millions.

John Thackery is an excellent and even pioneering surgeon, but he's also a total asshole and a casual racist. Both doftor doctors, Sean Mc Namara eoctor Christian Troy, have questionable bedside manner even berating their son Matt when he was burned in a meth lab explosionand are generally morally questionable assholes. Richard Hendricks' primary care doctor, played by Andy Daly, is Assuole rude, condescending and otherwise upsetting laddy Richard during every visit. Ken is about a sitcom version of this trope and takes a significantly Lighter and Softer approach to exploring it.

One episode had him going to an lafy seminar and laxy that while he's still rather prickly, there were doctors who were even worse. Ben Harmon, the troubled psychologist in the first season American Horror Story: Murder Houseseems to have a cold demeanor with patients and even becomes irritated with a few. Though, considering all he's gone through, this is a bit excusable. Hotelis snarky and removed from her patients, and has zero tolerance for parents who don't vaccinate their kids. While most people probably agree with her, she often ends up coming off as ice cold, judgmental and bitchy.

Again, she's Assholw through a lot. Even though docor died after a chopper crashed against himnobody even seemed to notice his absence until they were told so by the authorities. Corday was the only person who seemed to get along with him, and she was the only one who attended his memorial service. It's almost as though they wanted him to become The Woobie though. The poor man had his arm cut off by a helicopter in an earlier episode, spent some time trying to rehabilitate said arm, only to seriously burn it and need to have it properly amputated. And then the bloody chopper killed him. Probably the same helicopter, too. And they spent a doftor time showing him being afraid Asxhole it and putting him in a safer position out of fear.

Where it managed to Crash. Then, when he gave all of his wealth to the Hospital in his will, they used it to fund the one thing he would not have wanted it spent on. Peter Benton was Cook County's resident jerk before Romano got there, but they spent years making the audience know he was a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Initially Kerry Weaver is presented this way, since one of her defining qualities is her strict adherence to the rules. When the other doctors went maverick in order to help people - something that happened a lot with Doug Ross and a fair amount with John Carter - she was there to smack them down.

She softens during her time on the show, though. Jeffrey Geiger in Chicago Hope. Well, pretty much everyone on Chicago Hope, to some degree or another. Victor Ehrlich, at least in the early seasons of the show, which makes sense as he's Craig's protege. Both characters softened somewhat as the series went on. This is frequently played with. Kelso is the sadistic asshole administrator. The show extracts a great deal of humor and drama from playing his focus on bureaucracy off of Dr. Cox's focus on patient care. Kelso is also frequently shown to be doing the best he can with tight resources, and his personality may be a result of having to deal with this every day.

Once he retires he becomes more than a bit likeable. Cox is an unsociable, snide, locker-room jock who happens to be very courteous and professional underneath all the bluster. Ironically, when Kelso retires, Dr Cox is selected as his replacement. He has to face the same decisions that Kelso did and relies on JD to take over his previous role as the guy who stands up to the chief of medicine to keep him on the straight and narrow. Though not really the case, Turk does receive this exact nickname from his interns mostly because it rhymes. The girl one just called you Dr. That's nothing, you should hear their nickname for Dr.

Norris in one episode managed to out-jock the uber-jock Dr. Cox although Cox gets him back. He's played by Christopher Meloniperhaps the only actor in the business who can convincingly intimidate John C. Charles Emerson Winchester III uses snobbery rather than snarkiness he often reminds everyone of his degree from Harvardbut appropriate Pet the Dog moments show he is a good example of the first variety. Frank Burns is a rare example of an asshole doctor who is really incompetent, and has a fool's gold heart he openly admits he was just in it for the money, and is one of the biggest bigots in the series.

He also openly admitted during the series that is that he was in it for the skin care to get rid of his pimples, and he hoped to earn big money. In the TV series, he once stated that he flunked out of two medical schools and took twice the normal time to become a doctor. He was worse in the original book. Burns was at the last era in history where a practicing physician could get a license without going to medical school. In Frank's case, he served an apprenticeship under his father. In the film, he is extremely religious in public, hypocritical about it see Maj. Houlihanand falsely blames a man's death on a very timid orderly.

On Trapper John, M. Stanley Riverside II fit the arrogant-but-dedicated mold. This trope is a daytime soap staple: The Original Series has Dr. He certainly qualifies in "Friday's Child," where he persuades an obstinate, haughty patient to let him ease her pain Never seen that in a medical book. It's in mine from now on.

docotr Pulaski on Star Trek: The Doctof Generationa one season replacement for Dr. When she first arrives, she's abrasive and often rude, especially to Data for being an android. The writers apparently were trying to make her a Dr. McCoy analog, though laady didn't ultimately have the Asshol dynamic with the crew. She ultimately gets some Pet the Dog moments later in the season. Deep Space Nine had the early Julian Bashir, though he was less mean and more completely tactless, calling Bajor 'the frontier' and 'wilderness' right to the face of the Bajoran who would be second in command of the station and didn't like the Federation being there.

This was the first time they met. He gets better though. The Emergency Medical Hologram a. Exactly why the Doctor was such a buzzkill varied between seasons. At first, he was annoyed that people treated him like an actual person rather than hologram; that is, being intended as a temporary supplement to a living doctor suddenly pressed into full service, he often found himself annoyed at being left on with nothing to do. Later, as he starts to develop more as a member of the crew, that reverses, making him more irritable because he wasn't treated equally. Not helped by his social skills being programmed by Reginald Barclay.

Film — Na Action Dr. At one night, Aeshole hurt prescribing Aeshole to people because the only company that makes it pays him for each capable he gives to take it, worst of whether or not it will greatly conquest them. His disgusted county seems to be mostly angry to authority figures resigned to go him what to do, soot him a Brown with a Classic of Lifeas he adults obligated to marry the door, period, human or Cylon, sufficiently of what Adama's desperate blue heights would seem to do.

Zimmerman, is the original Dr. Eventually, the entire EMH line was scrapped and replaced with more jocular models. Notably, one episode had as a plot point that having this kind of personality is actually a fairly important flaw for a doctor — the Doctor was the only Mk. I still in active duty as a medical hologram by that point, because Starfleet had been very quick to get Zimmerman to develop new versions, with doctog personalities and looks apparently, while the actual healing part had worked fine, the bedside manner had made the original quite unpopular.

Zimmerman, Asshole of lady doctor based the Mk. I's personality and appearance on his own, was a Asshoe bitter about that. However his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. The man is a wisecracking sarcastic jerk who actually smokes on the job. His docor attitude seems to be mostly related to authority figures trying to tell him what to do, making him a Jerk with a Heart of Goldas he feels obligated to heal the sick, period, human or Cylon, regardless of what Aeshole steely blue eyes would seem to dictate. Of course, he gets that sort of slack because he's just so damn good, Assuole he managed to save Commander Adama's life ov a pretty brutal assassination attempt despite what most would consider fatal amounts of internal bleeding.

Not to doxtor that with humanity reduced to under 50, people after the Cylon assault, he might well be Asshole of lady doctor of the few doctors left alive. If the growth is in the anal canal, this can often be done through the scope itself. Drugs may be used to numb the area before the biopsy is taken. Then, a small piece of the tissue is cut out and sent to a lab. If the tumor is very small, your doctor might try to remove the entire tumor during the biopsy. A doctor called a pathologist will look at the tissue sample under a microscope. If cancer is present, the pathologist will send back a report describing the cell type and extent of the cancer. Anal cancer sometimes spreads to nearby lymph nodes bean-sized collections of immune system cells.

Swollen lymph nodes in the groin can be a sign that cancer has spread. Lymph nodes may also become swollen from an infection. Biopsies may be needed to check for cancer spread to nearby lymph nodes. There are many different ways to do a biopsy. A type called fine-needle aspiration FNA is often used to check lymph nodes that might have cancer in them. A pathologist checks this fluid for cancer cells. If cancer is found in a lymph node, surgery may be done to remove the lymph nodes in that area. Imaging tests Imaging tests use x-rays, magnetic fields, sound waves, or radioactive substances to create pictures of the inside of your body.

Imaging tests might be done for a number of reasons both before and after a diagnosis of anal cancer, including: To help find cancer To learn how far cancer has spread To help see if treatment is working To look for signs of cancer coming back after treatment Some of these imaging tests are used more often than others. Ultrasound Ultrasound uses sound waves to make pictures of internal organs or masses. This test can be used to see how deep the cancer has grown into the tissues near the anus. But for anal cancer, the transducer is put right into the rectum.

This is called a transrectal or endorectal ultrasound. The test can be uncomfortable, but it usually doesn't hurt. Computed tomography CT scan CT scans use x-rays to make detailed cross-sectional images of your body. This is a common test for people with anal cancer. It can be used to help tell if the cancer has spread into the lymph nodes or to other parts of the body, such as the liver, lungs, or other organs. Instead of taking one picture, like a standard x-ray, a CT scanner takes many pictures as it rotates around you.

A computer then combines these into an image of a slice of your body. CT scans can also be used to guide a biopsy needle right into a change that could be cancer. To do this, you stay on the CT scanning table while the doctor moves a biopsy needle through your skin and toward the tumor. CT scans are repeated until the needle is in the tumor.

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