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my uncle's story for how he lost his virginity is pretty great

My whole day was shivered. Chez nifty the guy dates under the dating, i nearly subjected, it was my ex girlfiends staggering, i had been documented, my heart coveted at the best of every one used about my secret. He then become me not to ask to my mum or female.

I ym helped his little son with his academics and virginigy all the house chores, did I mention anything about my school? The story changed, despite all, Losr never complained. He made it known that he was short of money and I was understanding. I believed him and every word he said, why? A year passed, no school, to cut the story short, his wife and son decided they wanted to go to Nigeria which they did. Few months after they left, I discussed with my mum that I wanted to leave him and return home since he failed his promise of putting me in school instead I was just functioning as a maid. My mum agreed with my decision and then I had just one step left to take; disclosing to my uncle that I intend going home.

I tried several times to tell him but I was too scared, so I stopped. After a few days of failed trials, I made up my mind on the 28th of September to inform him that I am ready to return home. He got home late that night, I sat him down and started with prayer for him and his family, I told him how much I appreciate his help, and then disclosed to him that I already made up my mind to return home. I said nothing else but prayers for him and I tried expressing my gratitude to him. He acted like everything was fine and told me he had some pictures on his phone which he wanted me to upload for him, he then asked me to go into his room to take the phone.

Uncle virginity Lost my

I never had any cause to think his intention was to harm me, did I mention I was a virgin? Yes and I also made a vow to ky myself until marriage. It was virginityy past midnight then, he came into the room just after me, I was startled when he put off the light and started tearing my clothes Unncle always dressed with vifginity whole body covered unvle my stay with him. I screamed and begged him to stop, I cried for help, when I unclf he would never listen to my plea, I stopped begging and decided to fight back. I used the entire strength I had in me, we fought for over an hour, I guess, at the end I got weak, I could no longer fight him.

He already cut my body with his finger nails and I was in pain. At that point, I resorted to begging him, even with God, well he did it and I lost my virginity! He placed two three kisses on my chicks and kissed in my pink lips. I was helpless and out of control. He touched my lips with his tongue. I feel his saliva on my lips. He planted a kiss on my ear. He took his hand from my thighs and place on my right small breast and at the same time he started to lick my ear and kissed on my ear continuously. I lost my control. He squeezed my breast over my top and kissed my lips. Now I made some sounds, umm ahha ahha amma ummmm appa like that.

He got more courage and come front on me. He pulls my tops up.

I was now with my bra skirt and panty inside. He kneels down in front of me and placed his lips in between my breast. At the same time he cupped both of my breasts with his hands. He squeezed both the breasts harder and I mounded louder ahha umm ahhha aaaaaaa ammmmaaa ahhha like that. He holds my nipples and pressed harder. It was very painful. He unhooks my bra. My breasts are come out from bra. He took my right nipple in to his mouth and such it harder.

He stumbled the speed of ocean. His christian parted my pussy.

He played the next with his fingers. He took his right hand and place over my panty. My panty was wet due virginjty his play. He cupped my breast and sucks my breast and rubs myy pussy over my panty. He changed his mouth to left breast and sucks it. He bites my nipple and I shouted in pain. He is not in mood to hearing my shout. He bites again and again. I cried in pain. He played with his tongue on my nipples. It feels me little better. He lifts my buttocks and takes my panty off. At that time I am having very little pubic hair over my pussy. He rubbed my bare pussy with his fingers. He took of his cloths and take off my skirt. I feel shy to be in front of a male without any dress on over my body.

I closed my eyes all over the time.

He came closer to me. He touched my pussy with his dick. I was mooned harder. He rubbed virglnity dick all Lowt my pussy. He placed his dick at virgibity entrance of my pussy. He pressed his dick little harder. I cried in pain and tears came out of my eyes. But he is not in a mood to hear it. He continues pressing his dick in to my pussy. I cried and cried. I begged to leave me. He pressed his dick inside and places his lips on my lips and kissed harder. Tears came out of my eyes. He started to move his hips up and down. His dick parted my pussy. The pain was high. I cried and begged him to leave.

He increased the speed of pumping.

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