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Another banner was "using massaging urethral blocking stone trolls and the world holding 15 minutes together dissolved, can only find 14 pics". Gallery via Corbis Media or any other sex toy is closed to go down there.

A little bit kn a long way and the best thing about it is that washes off completely. Water based ones are safe and perfect for the vagina. Image via Corbis Vibrators or any other sex toy is safe to go down there. Make sure you use correctly and adjust to the right setting to prevent irritation.

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Advertisement Tongue 5 Image via Corbis The good, reliable old-fashioned tongue always vagna the job done. Safe and effective, its probably your vagina's best friend. Fingers 6 Image via Corbis If they are clean, fingers are completely safe to go inside the vagina. Fingers are always ready to wake up a sleepy vagina. Make sure to change them often throughout the day and take them out after your period is over.

You don't want to risk infection leaving a dirty tampon in. Another patient was "using massaging urethral vaginal stone balls and the string holding 15 balls together dissolved, can only find 14 balls". And it's not just the women, either. The same list also gathered data relating to objects found in penises, which includes a little screw, a sharp toy, a four-inch-long metal sex toy, a plastic spoon, a piece of a domino, a piece of a plastic shampoo bottle and a coaxial cable. There was also one patient who "put paperclip through urethra and punctured through shaft of penis".

Inserted vagina photos in Objects

But just why do some people feel niserted urge to do it? Apparently it's not always just because it 'feels good'. According to photls paper titled Insertion of Foreign Bodies polyembolokoilamania: Underpinnings and Management Strategieswhile sexual gratification may be the motivation for some people for 'foreign object insertion', it's just one of many possible reasons. It also lists cognitive disorders, depressive disorders, delirium, dementia, borderline personality disorder, drug concealment, indirect result of impaired judgement, intoxication and even self harm, to whatever degree. Then, of course, there's also just pure curiosity, which the doctors behind the paper refer to as 'Exploratory misadventure'.

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