Lesbian and christianity

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She’s a lesbian. I’m a Christian. What she helped me realize about God and the church.

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I told K that I think the first thing Jesus would want her to know is that he loves her, as is, right now.

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She was taken aback. She admittedly stated that no Christian had ever spoken to her in such non-threatening language about God before. In all this time of interacting with Christians, none of them decided to tell K that God loves her and wants a Lesbian and christianity with her. I honestly apologized to her on behalf of the confused Christians out there. The biggest conclusion K had made about Christianity was that God existed to punish people, and everyone in the church existed to reinforce that to her. What an awful feeling that would give someone.

I told her the story about Jesus stepping in to help a woman who was caught in adultery. Some men brought her up to Jesus, and they told him that she needed to be stoned for the adultery that she committed according to the law of Moses in the old testament. Men gathered around and they continued to egg on Jesus to tell them that she should be stoned. Instead, he did something else. He then turned to the woman and asked if anyone condemns her. She responded by saying that no one condemns her. There are so many aspects and important pieces to this story. But, the point I wanted to make to K was that Jesus primarily wants to protect her heart.

While there may be people lining up to condemn her, that is not his firstpriority. His first act to this woman was one of protection from harm. He shows love in doing this. How often is the first act of a Christian to a nonbeliever, one of protection and love? My identity lies with Christ.

I am a Christian. I chrristianity not want to be associated with a group of people that go around and condemn people for their sins, especially without looking at their own. She still had her reservations, but her image of Jesus was changing. K ended the conversation admiring the fact that we could be friends even though we were so different. The two of us really did make an odd friendship.

Christianity Lesbian and

I can only hope that the Christians she encounters can treat her Lesbizn way Jesus cchristianity, with respect, dignity, and love. If only we could be mindful of our own Lesbian and christianity. The United Church of Canada and the Uniting Church in Australia [51] already welcome gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in permanent partnerships into the ordained ministry. In addition, on 16 Augustthe United Church of Canada elected its first openly gay moderator, Gary Patersonand, in doing so, became the first mainline Christian denomination in the world to have an openly gay curistianity at its helm. The United Church of Christbecause of its decentralized model that arose from the Congregational churches of New England, allows such ordinations by default since there are no official denomination-wide stances on doctrine.

In December the Mennonite church in the USA announced that it would be appointing Theda Good as its first christianitj lesbian pastor following a period of consultation and internal consideration. She will take up her Lesbiam in Denver. The ordination of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals is not a new thing, but their ordination as openly gay, lesbian, and bisexual people has caused controversy among some churchgoers: The Archbishop of Lesbiannspiritual head of the Anglican Communion, formed the Eames Commission due to controversy associated with the consecration of Gene Robinson to the order of bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire and the planned consecration of Jeffrey John who was to be ordained Bishop of Reading in the Church of England.

Its findings, published as the Windsor Reportrecommended that the consecration of people in same-sex relationships as bishops cease, although it conspicuously avoided discussing gays, lesbians, and bisexuals ordained as priests and deacons. In response, the Episcopal Church placed a moratorium on confirming the consecrations of all bishops. Neil Alexander of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta said that he voted for the ordination of Gene Robinson as a bishop because Robinson was open about his sexuality and honest about his caring relationship. Ina Church of England priest transitioned from male to female.

She took the name Carol Stone and was allowed to continue her ministry as a female priest. She was supported by her bishop, The Right Reverend Barry Rogersonwho stated 'There are no ethical or ecclesiastical legal reasons why the Rev Carol Stone should not continue in ministry in the Church of England. The Archbishop of Canterbury responded to this in a statement which regretted that this move would not heal the divisions in the church, and effectively sets in motion a two-tier system of Anglicanism in which those within the covenant can speak as Anglicans, and LGBT clergy and those who support them fall outside the covenant, and so cannot speak on behalf of other Anglicans.

The appointment was voted on in December and, in Marchit was announced that Mary Douglas Glasspool had been elected; becoming only the second openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church. In Decemberthe Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota also announced a lesbian had been nominated as a bishop, but did not make election. It claims over parishes servingmembers, most of whom are former members of the Episcopal Church opposed to the ordination of LGBT clergy. The Anglican Church in North America includes four dioceses which withdrew from the Episcopal Church and subsequently joined with the 13, member Reformed Episcopal Church and several smaller bodies.

In addition, the even more conservative Continuing Anglican movement is composed of various churches which were formed in the late twentieth century by former Episcopalians opposed to what they believed were liberal and unscriptural developments within the parent body.

Although the place of homosexual persons in the life of the church was not one of the causes of these churches' separation from the Anglican Communion, all of them are strongly opposed to both the ordination of gay clergy and to church-approved matrimonial rites for LGBT persons. An interfaith movement known as the Confessing Movement has also been a vehicle for opposition to the ordination of non-celibate gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. Inthe Church in Wales began giving pensions for the same-sex partners of gay clergy. The Church of England's General Synod approved the change in

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