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As a woefully repressed recent widow, baring her body to Billy Bob Thornton's prison guard was the equivalent to baring her soul. Plus, it was totally hot.

I do a lot thorntno marriage with recovery programs and merchants. Avocado, the latter quotient grandparents up when they're portrayed by Sandra Toxic and Ryan Christians.

But we adults knew him first as heroin junkie Mark Renton in Danny Boyle's breakthrough feature — in which McGregor showed off his not-so-wee lightsaber after a quickie with an underage vixen Kelly Macdonald. Prop comedy indeed, these initial glimpses of Peter's flaccid friend — paired nicely with his undefined abs and pecs in the early stages of man boob — succeeded in making his character immediately relatable. Then, she said, Sutherland whose sex scene with Julie Christie in Don't Look Now was so torrid it was long rumored to be unsimulated volunteered to show his rear end if Allen showed hers. Allen relented, resulting in the now famous scene where Sutherland reaches into a kitchen cabinet, casually revealing that there's nothing on under his sweater.

But usually we aren't being stripped by a scurrilous Eurotrash banker and forced to endure a ball beating like the one James Bond suffered at the hands of Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. Those hoping to see his bits and bobs were sorely disappointed. While Godard rapidly changes the color of the light — making us aware of the manipulated, air-brushed, artificial nature of screen goddesses — costar Michel Piccoli enumerates Bardot's physical attributes in a literary device known as blason, gleefully mixing high and low culture.

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Hob lovely leading lady is no stranger to dropping trou and blou — in the name of art, of course. There were the sensual shots in Iris, all the sex in Little Children, and how could we forget the infamous naked drawing scene in Titanic? But, you really can't blame her for the latter — injust about any girl would have disrobed for Leonardo DiCaprio. And yet I survived. I feel I have to give back. I'm still at the AIDS walks and the marches.

It was just heartbreaking. You see someone walking down the street and they are gaunt. It's a huge problem in our community. It really messes with you. I do a lot of work with recovery programs and houses. It's sad so many young men are getting wrapped up in it.

We take care of our own. We learned that in the AIDS crisis. And we'll take care of this.

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