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Some of the arrangements are kind of like Queen. According to McKagan, "Guns had been paying rent on studios for three years now—from to —and still did not have a single song. Just for fun, to play a joke on somebody. The song represented a shift in style for the band towards industrial rock. Geffen employee Tom Zutaut said that Freese's drumming "was spectacular.

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movids With Zutaut's intervention, the team recreated the sound to Rose's satisfaction. His transient lifestyle has made it near impossible to have nearly any form of communications with him whatsoever. Youth felt that Rose was not ready to record a new album: Zutaut claims he was "set up", a claim disputed by Rose. Since none of that happened, that's the reason why that material got scrapped. Basically we were saying to [Brain] 'We have got a brilliant performance of this and now we need you to recreate it'. It was very difficult to penetrate the walls he'd built up.

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