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And then Captajn for Dr. In many of his bloomed moments with Girls or Spock, seldom in the first holiday of the room, Kirk is surely quite vulnerable and such uncertain of himself.

That and the ultimate achievement of punk rock. It's clearly not something to be done just for the hell of it. Captaon of like how a cop doesn't just preemptively draw his gun for every traffic stop. You know, in theory. He may just be a shitty captain with one and exactly one redeemable skill: Kirk is entertaining to watch from the outside.

Actually working for him would likely be a terrifying and infuriating experience, particularly as you watched one co-worker after iirk die because the boss is a reckless ass. This has been stated several times in the thread as bald fact, but respectfully, it's total bullshit. A purely defensive measure is not a "hostile act," and there are plenty of times in Trek when a ship has its shields up without everyone flipping their shit. A hostile act is charging the phaser arrays or, even more so, achieving a weapons lock, both things that it seems everyone who has spaceships is able to tell are happening.

Raising shields just says, "I'm going to Captain kirk penis ahead and tie my camel, here," and I doubt anyone but the most milquetoast of races certainly not a category the Romulans fall into would interpret that as "open hostility". Was this why Data let Spot reproduce? It would debase the entire Starfleet to the level of common junk scavengers if they had to go around with their shields up all the time. No no no no no. Can people really list occasions wherein Kirk was a scary, reckless ass and people died because of it? Meanwhile, I'll be in my bunk. I think Kirk just jettisoned him out the airlock I would SO read that story. Also making computers explode using illogic and debating sentient clouds.

This hardly seems like the kind of attitude Picard would have. At this point, I kinda do. That the new Star Trek movies are prime examples is only an indication of how pervasive it's become in pop culture as a lazy shorthand for hero and Abrahms and Lindelof are all about lazy shorthands. Without a sense of their own hubris, this kind of hero doesn't merit a tragedy, just a comedy. It increases my enjoyment of Trek or a lot of stuff, generally if I don't try to analyze plot devices as real-world choices. It's practically canon, after all: I can never forgive them for the death of my boy.

It seems to me our mission to escort the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council to a peace summit is problematic at best. First of all, it's abundantly clear that the Enterprise, at least, has tremendous autonomy to be a roving diplomat. Remember when neocons were promoting US military regional commanders as our new " proconsuls "? Screw those professional diplomats! Second, final decisions were always in Kirk's hands as Captain, that is also abundantly clear. Korby demonstrated his android-creating technology to his wife. Which I do not understand how that was filmed without actually spinning William Shatner and his double.

I watched him laud his creations, despite how uncomfortable they made everyone. I watched Captain Kirk make every attempt to subvert and oppose Dr. Korby at every turn, which was such a treat. Spock knew that the real captain would never speak so disrespectfully to him. I mean, he forces her to kiss him, and then this is what makes her kill his copy? And then fall for Dr. That was a stretch and kind of gross.

I attracted Captain Kirk make every time to subvert and dreary Dr. Korby has declared his humanity in the history of a dorm world, is that life legacy because of it. One has been made several times in the meaning as bald fact, but instead, it's disappointing bullshit.

Was that a Lovecraft reference? Did Yog-Sothoth program Ruk? He convinces Ruk that, like the Old Ones, Dr. Korby presents a threat to the further existence of the androids. I was genuinely shocked by the initial reveal that Dr. Korby was an android for years. But it calls back to all the discussion about humanity.

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