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Eternal is how you remember yourself tine are remembered for ages to come. It fot all that comes with the Timeless Jude Boudoir Sitting, plus one additional hour of personal art photography by Yucel. And of course, what would this be without an additional arf to headline your sitting? Also eternally yours will finee a 36x24 inch high-gloss ready to hang Simula aluminum print completion. Amaranthine is everlasting beauty. Those who sit for this art boudoir session with Yucel enjoy all that the Eternal Sitting includes. This is a half day of boudoir art photography by Yucel with you. As the owner of my own graphic design firm, I focused on advertising but it left little time to pursue the first love - traditional fine art.

Since moving to Glendale, Arizona in I renewed my passion in fine art, working primarily in studio. My body of work is Representational and spotlights everyday life through the eyes of an artist paying particular attention to color, shape, texture, and atmospheric influence. Capturing mood, character and my response to the subject, I work in acrylics, pastels, pen and ink, and colored pencil. She has been drawing ever since she picked up her first pencil and drew in her storybooks as a very young child. Her first memory of recognition for her artwork was in the second grade. She also remembers only wanting art supplies for Christmas and birthday presents, begging for one packet of colored paper and a box of crayons.

Judy spent all of her growing up years in Milwaukee studying to be a pianist and had little exposure to the world of art. After graduating from high school, she attended St. But a chance elective her sophomore year resulted in a degree in art education and launched her career as an elementary and high school art instructor during the late 60s and early 70s. During this rime, Judy also did post-graduate work in intaglio printmaking with internationally renowned artist Mauricio Lasansky at the University of Iowa. It was during the late 70s and early 80s that Cook began to produce her own artwork.

She freelanced while raising her daughter and received numerous awards for it. Her early years as an only child afforded her the abilities to become self-disciplined and to work independently. She mounted two one-woman exhibitions and this artwork found its way into many business and private art collections. She presented at several state and national museum conferences, juried art shows, and was the Coordinator of a master Class taught by internationally recognized wildlife artist Robert Bateman. While there she served twice as Acting Executive Director of the entire Fine Arts Center, a multi-faceted facility containing an art museum, a library, an art school and a theater.

She also completed a masters Degree in Education specializing in the diverse learner from the University of Phoenix. And it was in the Springs that she met and married her husband Curtis Cook. Cook and her husband moved to Phoenix in She remembers always wanting to color, draw and paint. She enjoyed her art classes throughout school and won various awards.

After attending the University of Iowa, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, Betty married and had two children. Art continued to play an important part of her life as she raised her daughter and son. Ary the last 25 years Betty has worked with several interior designers doing custom painting on nearly every kind of surface and providing custom art work. Her canvases hang in homes and businesses Pyoenix the united States. Sue Hunter Whether Sue Hunter is working in pastels, watercolors or oil, she is inclined to use bright colors and an impressionistic style.

Her paintings are vibrant with unexpected colors and shapes, suggesting a bit of mystery and intrigue. I also enjoy calling on emotions and setting a mood with my subject matter, which includes florals, animals, landscapes, figures and still-lifes, she says. Hunters paintings have been frequent award winners in local, national and international juried exhibitions. Milton Lewis An early life in the Rocky Mountains of Montana gave Milton Lewis a love for the great outdoors that has shaped his life and inspired him in his artistic approach, although as with many artists, it took time for this to happen. Milton Lewis is certainly an artist who has "paid his dues".

A style uniquely his own took form.

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Combining transparent and opaque watercolors and continually experimenting with new colors, more movement, contrast, and light, Lewis creates a fluid landscape that lies in the background while his figures, which he paints with gouache, seems to float on paper. As Lewis has worked to perfect his painting technique and style, the public has gravitated to him. Subtleties in color and light continue to be Milton's hallmark as his reputation as an artist and the demand for his work continues to escalate. Lewis is at ease with both watercolors and oils and has sold across the country.

Loretta Musgrave Loretta Musgrave has taught youth to adults.

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