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Teaching Teens to Fly Fish the Three Step Method

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Step 5 Pay close attention to the safety instructions presented at the start of the flight. While you may feel the invincibility of youth, you need to understand what to do in case of emergency. While the chance of an emergency is small, familiarize yourself with crash positions and attend to the procedures for using oxygen and the location of the emergency exits. Step 6 Bring something with which to entertain yourself and relieve the boredom that many teens experience during travel.

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Ten While in-flight magazines and Tren are no longer available, choose something that appeals specifically to you. Load a portable music device with your favorite songs; bring one or two issues of magazines you haven't read; and select a book that has enough suspense to hold your interest during the flight. Bring your handheld game device along with several games. Step 7 Pack a journal or notebook in which you can record your travel adventures. As a teen, you are embarking on a lifelong journey of travel experiences.

Record a first-person impression of your journey that you can look back on when flh novelty of travel wears off. Include postcards, photographs, sketches if you're artistically inclined and mementos you collect along the way. Tip Pack an over-the-counter airsickness medication in its original packaging to take in the event that you feel nauseous during the flight. Warnings Discourage conversation flg overt interest from adults whom you don't know when traveling alone. Young people are often targeted by unscrupulous people with a hidden agenda. Never watch a bag or carry anything through customs for anyone.

What may appear to be a harmless totebag may contain drugs or other contraband that can cause you to be detained or even arrested. Find an aunt, uncle, grandparent, guide or local TU member who connects well with teens to help teach the basics. Plan a day together but get some help with the bulk of instruction. It will save you both a lot of frustration. Remember how excited you were after your last fly rod purchase? Multiply that by 10x for teens. If you have caught their interest with movies and time on the water get them hooked with a rod of their own. We use the Orvis Clearwater combos at all our camps because they provide a forgiving rod at a great price with a 25 year warranty.

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Teens Tern hard on their tly. Casting Games- When the fishing is slow your time might be better spent away from the water. Teens get easily discouraged when they Tden not catching fish, instead find a field and play some casting games. Teens love some light competition. See how far you can cast, aim for some targets, get creative. Now it is time to set the hook with an adventure of you own. In my experience combining fly fishing with camping, a road trip, or better yet backpacking gets teens exponentially more excited about the sport. I think it is a combination of being in the wilderness and the fact that back country trout are generally more willing to eat flies.

Never been camping before? Start with a night at a cabin and work your way up from there.

Many outdoor stores will rent gear and provide you with information about local camping areas. Still have some questions? Once they have learned the basics of casting, reading water, choosing flies, and tying knots let them learn through experience.

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