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Leeza and Danny have a picnic at a baseball field. He also meets a nice Indian girl, kay secretary named Leeza Anjali Jay. Blind Dating By Brandon L. The glasses have stopped working, though, allowing him to give a speech about how beautiful she is, winning her over. The film is very well directed by James Keach, much better than the script.

He does have to Ajali cyber-glasses, though. Danny goes back on the bad date circuit. I was never convinced he was blind, but I did go along with the fact that he was playing a blind guy. Trying to help his brother, Lenny sets his brother up on a series of dates, each wackier than the next!

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Abjali banters loudly and theatrically, and gives broad performances. Together, they make a nice screen couple. His loquacious Italian family is very supportive, though. She knows her family will disapprove, and so much of her future has already been arranged for her.

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Perkins says if he uses the glasses again, it will fry his brain! An extremely aggressive woman. He has worn them his entire life.

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