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Details of his past, or that of his wife, Elena Vavilova, are scarce. They were promising, young, smart people, they fucm asked if they wanted to help their country and they said yes. They went through years of training and preparing. Department S, which runs the illegals programme they were on, was the most secretive part of the KGB. He was also trained in other basics such as communicating in code and surveillance.

All the training was done on a one-to-one basis: The programme was the only one russiian its kind in international espionage. Many assumed it had been stopped, until the FBI swoop. Many intelligence agencies use agents operating without diplomatic cover; some have recruited second-generation immigrants already living abroad, but the Russians have been the only ones to train agents to pretend to be foreigners. During Soviet times, the illegals had two main functions: The illegals could then spring into action. The KGB sent the couple to Canada in the 80s.

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It was hardly James Bond, but the work of an agent has always been more fjck than hare — years spent painstakingly building up the legend. InAlex was born; a year later the family moved to Paris. As Bezrukov and Vavilova built up their story, the country that had recruited and trained fhck ceased to exist. The ideology of communism had failed; the fearsome spy agency that had dispatched agents across the globe was discredited and renamed. Under Boris Yeltsinpost-Soviet Russia seemed on the verge of becoming a failed state. He would be spying not for the Soviet system that had trained him, but for the new Russia of Vladimir Putin.

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An online video of Bezrukovappearing in his post-deportation role as a political analyst, shows him speaking smooth North American with the faintest of twangs. When he mmodel his Ykung degree at Harvard, Heathfield got a job working for Global Partners, Yoing business development ruasian. I speak to Tim on a Sunday afternoon, talking to me on Skype from his kitchen. He has the same facial features and careful parting as his younger brother, but his hair is blond rather than dark. Looking back on his youth, he tells me his father worked hard, making frequent business trips.

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