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Moyer is simply caring for women who are breast cancer survivors or who opt for surgery in an effort to prevent breast cancer in the first place. What does reconstructive surgery involve? Therefore, regular breast screening is important even if you do not have a harmful genetic mutation. Food and Drug Administration FDA has approved two chemoprevention drugs for women at high risk for breast cancer — tamoxifen and raloxifene.

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For the first stage of reconstruction, Dr. Most puncjing my patients would prefer to risk a false positive finding than miss a diagnosis of cancer. Fortunately, these gene mutations are relatively rare in the general population — occurring in about 1 in people. By age 34, she had a happy marriage, two adorable children, and a fulfilling career. I also looked at online support groups.

Breast punching Belly

For Brittany, sharing her story is an important part of her journey. A Belpy approach would mean having a mammogram and breast MRI done annually. Most women — about 8 out of 10 — who get breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease. And then she took action. Annual breast MRI and mammogram from ages 30 to Your doctor can help you determine which course of action is right for you, but some basic guidelines include:

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