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Strip Poker II

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Iii Strip poker

After the program has been installed on your hard disk, you need to add oii assign to opker your Startup-Sequence or User-Startup file. You cannot stay if an opponent has bet iij raised. But first it will ask if you really want to quit. If you change your mind, just select the card again to flip the card back. If you have to call Artworx with a problem, you need to know the version of the program which can be found here. If you want to remove the password totally, select the "Set Password" menu option and type in your old password when prompted, and another requester will pop up asking for your new password, instead of typing the new one in, either press return or "Okay".

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Your password has now been saved. When uii are finished selecting the cards, press the "Discard Done" button in the Status Line. This will give you some information on the Strip Poker Three Program. You can swap the pictures of your opponents.

In the three-player mode, the picture of "You" is displayed here. The value of the hands in order are as follows: After you type in your password, just press return or click on the "Okay" button. Three opponents - All your opponents are in the upper part of the screen, with yourself in the status box in the lower right of the screen. Disk 2 contains two additional opponents. Call means that you are willing to equal the amount that your opponents have to put into the pot, but you do not want to raise any higher for now. From the CLI or Shell:

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