Vintage wood goose decoy

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Has nose knot and flutted piedmont. Insert carved body gokse approx 13 reasons long. Really anywhere work on this one with a community aged member.

Measures approx 13 inches long and is solid body. Condition is very good but has gunned over and shows some wear and has a few shot scars. Charles Perdew was one of the most famous makers from the Illinois River area. Has slight crack in the puddy area of neck because of the way the base of head was puddied in neck area to accomodate the mounting of head into the body. Hard working old bird that has all original paint and is the only known example that is all original. Nice high "Horse Head" style with no neck cracks! For the age it is just superb!

Nice peer "Horse Head" style Vintagee no problem cracks. Coach it is important with only option being some gay and age, has one time size knot on related side as identified in above top pic. Hereof fault is bill is excellent professional replacement.

George makes a great looking bird in the classic Delaware River style. Long Island like most coastal areas back in the day never really gave up shorebird shooting so these may have seen some action as buying little birds for decoration was considered frivolous to most folks of the era. Super nice Black Duck here and a good buy for the nice work put into it by a well known old time carver. Glass eyes, splined bill and raised wings that are pinned to body. Jimmy is one of the last links with the old time makers, he has vast knowledge and its always a good idea to spend some time when possible with him as he shares good decoy info and has some great stories.

Decoy goose Vintage wood

Has very good plus all original paint except for when bill replaced it gooss as if a second coat was put on head. This is Mitchell's best style paint with the middle neck ring and extra tight feathering down back and highlighted wing tips. If you have been watching the price of Cigar's decoys the last few years or been to any of the local auctions on Delmarva you know what a good value this early beauty is. Very strong and clean surface on this one. Sean makes a great looking bird in the classic Delaware River style.

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