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I reliable to pay up. Tamana my devious daughter was formed at that fry and was at our justice i.

The last thing I remember about him was his coffin being carried by many locals, followed by people from five of the nearest villages. After that day I remember in each army cordon we were given special treatment, more terrible than those houses that were far from the resistance. My mother would stand with us in the lawn and let the army vandalize all they could. They would ask her to show them hidden weapons. She would tell them about my father being a police officer, they would not care. They would form cordons in the evenings or late in the night, or even early in morning, and this special treatment to my family would be repeated no matter what. Somehow, I was used to it now.

Yet tonight I have this strange feeling of worry. Intuitions are really scary at times. Since I am being very honest to you, I should talk about my fear. Every night I sleep with this fear. Every night I recite Surah Fatiha.

I have been doing this every night since I saw Nude kashmiri wome on a street in Kupwara on the way back from school and heard people chanting slogans: Freedom way before my uncle was martyred. Yet till tonight I had no idea that the ones who call themselves our defenders and protectors could pierce our souls without using artillery. Not until now, when the lull of the night is broken by a knock on our door. Every fiction has some facts, and every fact appears fictional if we study it hard enough. We can never know the complete truth about anything, no matter how hard we try.

It was written as an answer to the questions that came up in my mind, to my overactive thoughts, which arose while dealing with documents and individual details till my head became dizzy. I tried to get answers through my study of the facts of that night but I could never get a complete answer. I was looking for answers to questions like, how would a girl from this village feel after becoming a victim of mass rape? It was not rape — it was war. Women were caught and held by a minimum of 5—6 army men as their husbands, fathers and sons were forcefully separated from them. Pushed to the walls, they shouted and screamed for help, for mercy.

Their screams were not answered. Guns were pointed at their chests and mouths. They were told not to shout or else they would be shot. Army men were drunk, and were seen drinking during the operations. They smelled of liquor. They pulled down their trousers and raped them. While raping them they continued to consume liquor. They took turns, and sometimes took two rounds of a particular house. The women resisted but in vain. Minor girls, those dumb and deaf, the physically handicapped, and the pregnant women were not spared either. Mothers were raped in front of their daughters. Grandmothers and their granddaughters were raped in the same room.

The survivors said that they had bite marks on their chests, everywhere on their body, even on their hips. Many of them described bleeding from the mouth, from their private parts and from other injuries. As the door was opened army men barged in and took her husband and brother-in-law with them. Some remained behind and searched the house. She fainted and only regained consciousness in the morning. Her husband and her brother-in-law too returned in the morning. Her brother-in-law was bleeding and was in a critical condition.

Some days later, the police came to record her statement along with the Deputy Commissioner. She handed over her clothes as evidence. They were provided medical treatment, she states. All houses had similar stories, some concerning one or two and some concerning entire households of women. Many of them told us that the minor teenaged girls who were in the house were also raped, but that they collectively decided not to mention their names to the police. In many of the statements, the survivor mentions only her own name or that of married relatives.

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There kashmigi 20—21 army men. I refused to be examined by the military doctor and gave my statement to the police only, who came after seven days. I also produced leftover liquor bottles. His condition was critical and he remained bedridden for weeks after kashjiri torture. Minor girls were also raped, but eome three — one of them a Polio patient — kashmuri to get themselves examined. This reluctance was very likely due to the social stigma attached to rape and ksahmiri fear that it would become difficult to get them married. The attempt at hiding the rapes of the minors ultimately did not protect them. The stigma of rape got attached to the names of the village women—minor, married or old, whether they officially spoke about their rapes or hid them.

There are heart-rending stories of a deaf-and-dumb girl and pregnant women being raped. Tamana was in an advanced state of pregnancy, nine months pregnant, when she was raped. Due to the rape she delivered a baby with a fractured arm, a few days after the incident. Another toddler was snatched from her mother when she tried to hug the baby to her chest. The baby was thrown out of the ground floor window. In case of Tamana, her father narrated to me, how his grandchild became part of war even before coming into this world. We lived in a two and a half storey house. Both the storeys consisted of four rooms each.

Tamana my eldest daughter was kasgmiri at that point and was at our place i. She Ufaq had a clearer idea of what happened, as she was at home with Tamana wme she was raped. They had both been asleep for about an hour in a room on Njde ground floor. I was able to see their uniforms in the moonlight. They were wearing helmets and jackets as well. My aged father-in-law was paralyzed and bedridden. He was unable to do anything. I lit a lantern, opened the door and ran upstairs with my daughter to the second floor. I opened the door to the porch, and was planning to jump out as I realized there was no other option. I told my daughter that we should leave.

My daughter, who was nine months pregnant, was terrified. Her husband had already had been taken away by the army. Her daughter Tamana had been separated from her. Tamana was taken to another room and raped there. They had huge battery torches with them and they used them to see my naked body, while making lewd remarks. They raped me for several hours. The men were ordered to move out of the house and 4—5 army men entered her room and raped her. In the morning, she was rescued by the villagers when army had left the village and was taken to a doctor for treatment and examination. Kashmiri sex video of a hot teen girl.

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