Slender black breasts

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Less colourful, she is more able to blend into her surroundings when on the nest or rearing her young. The adult female breashs about the same size and has the same sloping forehead and long bill. Blzck black face mask on the Northern Shrike does not usually extend across the forehead above the beak, as it does in the Loggerhead, and adult Northern Shrikes retain faint brownish barring on their underparts. Adults have a black crown and a black and white neck. The males have lower, softer, and shorter calls more like a low reedy quek. Although there has been some disagreement about the exact number of races of Canada Geese, most scientists believe that there are Females snap bills when they are approaching unmated males and after they have formed a breeding pair.

The summer female is olive yellow, with a bib of yellow on her neck and breast. Adult Great Blue Herons show brighter colours during the breeding season, moult some plumes in summer, and change to duller colours in winter.

Black breasts Slender

By two months of age the young birds of both colour phases are grey with black wing tips, although the immature blue-phase birds are generally a darker grey and have some light feathers on the chin and throat, which can become stained like those of the adults. Otherwise, Burrowing Owls make a variety of sounds to each other that are rarely heard by humans. Its back is greyish blue, and its breast is white streaked with black.

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