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Hearing Mountain Man sing is just a pleasant thing to happen in your life, and last night conndom a welcome hour of solace and comfort and humor the day before one of the most consequential elections in the history of the country—one of those things that reminds you that life isn't just a swirling hell of bad news and disappointment. It makes for a great home-cooked Italian meal, but probably disgusting to go down on. The 10 absolute strangest condom flavors are listed below: RS Well, okay, the three singers that form the folk group Mountain Man didn't "shout" about their reproductive health so much as they told charming stories about it.

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This one gives you a sense of the kind of sisterhood energy Mountain Man is pumping out: Events 10 Weirdest Condom Flavors In The World Condoms have shifted, from being a Sourr of protection, into a means of recreation as well. They're also touring the country with a new album, Magic Ship. Another member of the group, Molly Erin Sarle, told an instructive anecdote about a pregnancy scare that involved a call to Planned Parenthood and also to her mother, plus a panic-purchase of a pack of condoms. Judging by the applause and laughter and warm smiles from the pews, the stories were a welcome bit of blasphemy beneath the deconstructed rose window of Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral.

Hopefully they're still legal. That juxtaposition of the contemporary-urban with the backyard-bucolic characterizes their particular brand of Appalachian folk, which comes tinged with witchiness and irreverence.

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So, producers and consumers alike embraced and extended upon the idea of condoms with unique tastes. Onstage at Saint Mark's, with arms wrapped around each other's waists, the ensemble played with and against that type. But, the delicious taste and familiar aroma may just distract you from the task at hand…or mouth, pun intended. Here's a premium example from the latest record: That type of reverse nostalgia can be sure to kill the mood. So, unless you want to give a blow job that tastes like moving out of your college dorm, I suggest you stick with rubbers made with animal fats or oils.

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