Non latex ostomy cement

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Torbot Liquid Glue Latex Skin Adhesive 806278052679 4oz Bonding Cement Ostomy -

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Ostomy Non cement latex

The adhesive composition is prepared by forming a homogeneous dispersion of the pressure sensitive adhesive latec and the elastomer with a heavy duty mixer, e. It keeps the Moleskin latsx my dogs cemejt and now he looks like a Shepherd and not a Lab. Other suitable adhesive composition can be obtained by minor variations in the amounts of ingredients employed. Persons having an ileostomy or urinary stoma normally employ a permanent i. The cohesive strengthening agent is either an inert natural synthetic fibrous material, a finely divided purified wood cellulose, a cross-linked dextran, a cross-linked carboxymethylcellulose, or a starch-acrylonitrile graft copolymer.

It was also known that the cohesive strength of the adhesive composition was an important factor. Since the composition is contacting the body around the stoma it must not contain ingredients which will irritate this already sensitive area of skin.

We tried the torbot glue with some foam, and Noh really sticks cwment to skin. It has been found that certain hydrocolloid gums while possessing the ability to absorb surface moisture such as perspiration, in fact, are not suitable for use in the composition since they swell too rapidly and turn into a soft gelatinous mass. Also, erosion of the adhesive permits this corrosive effluent to contact the skin causing serious irritation. After several days the adhesive bond between the faceplate and the body or skin barrier will weaken and the unit will be removed.

They initiate excellently, and save the university, and the pure that often do with using Tolbot, or any other dressing skin Green. Code commercially available skin eruptions contain a cloth contemporary layer or success web sandwiched between two viral layers.

Materials suitable for use as the cohesive strengthening agent include natural and synthetic inert fibrous materials such as cotton and Dacron, finely divided cellulose materials including purified wood cellulose such as that available commercially under the trademark Solka-Floc and microcrystalline cellulose such as that available commercially under the name Avicel, finely divided substantially water insoluble cross-linked dextran such as that available commercially under the trademark Sephadex, finely divided substantially water insoluble crosslinked sodium carboxymethylcellulose such as that available commercially under the trademark Aqualon or that described in U.

The faceplate has a centrally located opening for the stoma and can be attached directly to the body by means of latex cement or a double sided pressure sensitive adhesive disk. A flange can be attached directly to this skin barrier for use by those ostomates who prefer a two-piece system. As discussed above, previous attempts to develop an adhesive composition having these properties included the incorporation of various hydrocolloid gum materials into the adhesive composition. Colostomates normally employ a disposable appliance which is either a one-piece or two-piece unit.

Butyl rubber having a viscosity average molecular weight of aboutcommercially available as grade is preferred. Good luck and God bless. The two-piece disposable unit consists of such a bag suspended from a reusable mounting ring that is supported by a belt.

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