Best breast reconstruction procedure

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Types of breast reconstruction

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The patient wakes up with a breast mound already in place, having been spared the experience of seeing herself with no breast at all. The process is done in the shortest time possible and is not a series of complex surgeries over a length of time. If there is a recurrence of the cancer, the reconstruction may need to be modified.

If there are complications, post-surgery, women may need to have more surgeries. Small revision surgeries or matching procedures on the opposing breast may be required. Rarely, it is determined that a patient will need radiation, which can compromise reconstructed breast tissue. Why Choose Johns Hopkins Medicine? Ours is one of the few breast centers in the region to offer this number of reconstructive surgery options to women. Our surgeons perform skin sparing, nipple sparing and scar sparing mastectomy whenever possible, leading to better cosmetic and reconstructive results.

Our specialists are experienced in creative techniques, such as fat grafting, that can use fat from your body as a way to naturally shape the breast. Though revisions to your original procedure may need to be done over time, the end result is improved. Staged Reconstruction This reconstruction involves placing a temporary tissue expander either under or over the muscle at the time of your mastectomy. The expander gradually stretches the muscle and skin in preparation for either an implant or flap reconstruction. The surgeon creates a natural pocket in which a permanent implant or a tissue flap may be placed.

The overall result is more symmetric, natural and aesthetically pleasing. It allows enough time to make sure all of the cancer has been treated.

It proedure longer to complete the breast cancer treatment process. During the time of temporary tissue expansion, the breasts procfdure not look procedre. Over time, implants are more prone to problems and often require additional procedures to correct these problems. Flaps perform better over time; a flap done well should not need more attention over the course of a lifetime. Over time, plastic surgeons have developed newer techniques for flap reconstruction that can avoid cutting through muscle at the donor site, such as the belly, or take tissue from different areas of the body, such as the buttocks.

Still, these procedures require special skill and are not available at all medical centers or in all geographic areas. Your particular situation will play a role in what reconstruction option works best for you.

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Sometimes the real nipple and skin from the breast proceeure not Best breast reconstruction procedure during mastectomy. Reconstrhction is called a nipple sparing mastectomy. The sensation in the nipple is usually different after the operation. Nipple reconstruction options Nipple tattoo You can have a nipple tattooed onto the reconstructed breast. The tattoo is flat and doesn't give you the shape of a nipple. But a skilled plastic reconsteuction or medical tattoo professional can use colour in shades that make the tattoo look 3-dimensional. You have this done breats 6 to 9 months after your breast reconstruction surgery, when everything prodedure settled down.

Proceeure you have it done earlier, the new nipple might not end up in the right place. There are two ways for a surgeon to create a nipple shape from body tissue. These methods of creating a nipple are quite minor surgery. You are usually able to have the procedure done under local anaesthetic and go home the same day. After the woman has healed from surgery, sterile saline or salt water is injected into the tissue expander on a weekly basis. This gradually enlarging balloon stretches the overlying skin and muscle until it has reached a size the woman is satisfied to have.

When the chest tissues are healed, and enough saline has been added to the tissue expander to prepare the chest for the implants, a second surgical procedure is done. The tissue expander is removed and replaced with either a silicone or saline implant. The original scar is usually reopened, and therefore, typically, no new scars are left on the chest. This complex reconstruction may be started at the time of the mastectomy or may be delayed until after the cancer treatment is complete. Skin flap surgery With skin flap surgery, tissue is taken from another part of the body and moved to the chest to form a breast.

Procedure reconstruction Best breast

Breasr tissue to reconstruct the breast is usually taken from the abdomen but may be taken from other places on the body, including the buttock, back, or thigh. Breast reconstruction with flap surgery is a very complex surgery, as it involves transferring tissue from one area of the body to another. This surgery is done using one of two methods:

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